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After Ramadan

Femi Abbas
The month of Ramadan in the life of a Muslim is an annual cleanser. It cleanses you of all the past misdeeds which border on irreligiousness. It is also a rejuvenator of the mind as much as it is a reformer of the soul.
By abstaining from eating and drinking for 30 or 29 days during the month, you have reinvigorated the organs of your body to your own advantage. And, by abiding by the rules and regulations of Ramadan, you have reshaped your lifestyle to suit your conscience.
Ramadan has taught you how to be closer to your Creator and Sustainer. It has taught you how to moderate your relationship with your fellow human beings, in the family, in the neighbourhood or in business. It has also taught you how to simplify your mind and tame your heart against wild conduct.
With Ramadan, you have learnt how to sympathize with the poor and the needy by offering them financial help, kind utterances and good conduct.
You have also learnt the futility of gluttony and greed. And, by recognizing the rights of others including your wife’s and your children’s, you have learnt how not to imprison your conscience again.
In the first ten days of Ramadan, you have been showered with Allah’s blessings. In the second ten days, you have been forgiven your sins. And, in the last ten days you have been liberated from the claw of Satan. During those days, you have woken up in the nights in obedience to the will of Allah. You have spent the days enduring thirst and hunger. You have also boosted your health with the exercise of fasting and praying.
In other words, you have become a renewed person before your Creator. Your slate of record has become clean of sins and full of rewards. And, now, you have banished the fear of death in you.
Having achieved all these, would you want to go back into a wild world dominated by fear of death?
The essence of Ramadan is to remind humanity that this world is a transit and not a destination. No one has ever come to stay permanently in this world and no one will ever do. Would you then want to be lost in transit with your luggage? That is the question you should always ask yourself after Ramadan. God bless you and Ramadan Karim

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