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Pharmacy Supervisor at Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an international medical organization, founded in 2009. ALIMA’s aim is to provide a high standard of healthcare in situations of emergency or medical disaster and to improve the practice of humanitarian medicine by developing innovative projects associated with medical research. The specific feature of the association is to base its operating methods mainly on partnership with national medical players. By pooling and capitalizing on their skills, ALIMA and its partners give as many people as possible access to a high standard of treatment.

Since its creation, the association and its partners have successfully developed in line with the increase in humanitarian medical needs, especially in Western and Central Africa: 580,000 patients treated in 2014 including over 25,000 hospitalizations, new governance between the partners of the medical NGO platform in the Sahel, new innovative approaches and operational research projects. ALIMA also responded to the Ebola emergency by opening a 40-bed Ebola treatment centre in Guinea. With operations in eight countries, 15 projects, over 1,200 employees and a budget of €19.5 million, ALIMA is a dynamic NGO, effectively deploying medical aid for the most vulnerable.


Report to

Project Medical Referent

Report to (functional)

Pharmacist Manager

Area :  Medical

Category : 7


In projects with multiple activities (and/or consumption units, especially peripheral ones) or a particularly large and/or complex medical stock to manage (large hospital projects), the pharmacy supervisor will be under the responsibility of a MedRef. Depending on the volume, he may be assisted by a pharmacy storekeeper.
In the absence of a warehouse position, the activities and responsibilities of the warehouse manager will be carried out by the project pharmacy supervisor.
The Pharmacy Supervisor is responsible for all aspects related to the proper management of the medical stock according to the standards established by ALIMA, as well as the medical supply within the project.
In compliance with ALIMA standard practices and protocols, ensure Good Hospital Pharmacy Distribution Practices including: storage; supply; distribution; rational use of drugs, to ensure its effectiveness and operational availability. He trains and supervises the drug dispensers or store keeper in the projects.


A-     Main objectives

Improve the medical supply in the project
Guarantee patient safety by complying with the protocol and the Rational drug use
Accompany the medical team in the good pharmacy practice
Ensure the capitalization of the pharmacy activity (indicators)

Specific objectives

Follow-up of orders and supplies

Ensure the reception and recording of international (via Maiduguri) and local    orders with the pharmacy storekeeper if necessary.
Track the remaining orders.
Ensure that orders for consumption units (services, health posts, emergency boxes, etc.) have been validated by the supervisor concerned.
Supervise the preparation of orders for each consumption unit.
Archive each document in the corresponding folders (pro-formats orders, packing lists, etc.).

Pharmacy Management

Ensure that the stock is clean and organized according to ALIMA standards and the medicines stored according to ALIMA recommendations.
Record all inputs and outputs on Isystock.
Make a regular physical inventory (organize and participate), and imperatively at least before the preparation of each order in Maiduguri and international order.
Ensure the follow-up of stocks and inform its project manager on the state of stocks (shortage, overstock, expiry dates...).
Inform your manager of the expiry dates and remove expired products from stock.
Be responsible for security and access control to the medical stock.
Ensure that documents are properly archived in the corresponding folders (orders, packing lists, donation and loan certificates, etc.)

Report and inventory

Make the monthly report to inform the project manager/MedRef of their condition (shortages, surpluses, expiry dates), in order to maintain safety stock levels at all times and ensure effective management.
Submit the monthly report at the time.
Make a report after receiving the medical items in the pharmacy and send it to the appropriate person.

Cold chain monitoring

Check the temperature of the cold chain equipment every morning and evening, and record it on the temperature monitoring sheet.
Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of refrigerators and freezers according to ALIMA recommendations by the logistics team.
Inform your manager and logistics in case of problems.

Team management

Ensure the daily supervision and control of the quality of work (punctuality, laugh ability, quality...) of all staff under his supervision.
Update the job profile of all pharmacy staff at least once a year if necessary.
Carry out at least once a year or every six months the evaluations of his team.
Develop a development plan to improve certain skills of pharmacy storekeeper (attitude, communication, initiative and proactivity...).

Note: The said list is not inclusive and may require the Employee to perform other duties as assigned by the Employer.


Essential: A university Pharmacy degree registered with the Pharmacist council of Nigeria and MUST possess a valid practicing license.
Experience: At least 1 year in a similar position.
Languages: English and local language essential.
Good MS Office skills (Word, Excel), power-point
Competencies: Self-starter, ability to work autonomously, excellent organizational skills, flexibility, commitment, team work, critical spirit, adherence to ALIMA principles teamwork and cooperation, results and quality awareness
This job profile may be modified, depending on the evolution of the work. In addition to the tasks mentioned above, the project pharmacy supervisor may be required to perform other tasks assigned by the medical referent/pharmacy manager according to the needs of the mission.

Working conditions: Fixed term contract

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