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Are You A Parent? Here is what you are missing

Now, as the world is becoming a village so every activity is responding to the same. Take clue from this. JAMB is fully computerized. WAEC is set to be fully computerized this year. So also NECO. Do you still wonder that there are many schools that see this as a waste? Yes, our research findings show.

The Parent Portal component of a school is a convenient Internet-based program that makes it easy for parents to monitor and track their child’s academic progress.

Parents that have children/wards in those schools where IT is taken seriously to the point of having school portal can't tell enough how blessed they are. They have access to their wards' information 24/7. Many school portals give opportunity to parent  to view/print invoices online, view/print student results, check daily attendance of children, pay online, check children daily timetable etc.

No matter what level, at least, one can say such school that has a portal is moving with the trend of things. And therefore should be commended. 

There are however, many schools that still take all these with levity. No wonder, such schools do witness daily reduction in numbers of students. The question now is: Can you allow your ward, that you love,  to remain in such a school? Tell me how such school can let the students know how to even login into their personal account. No wonder, many fail JAMB and POST-JAMB exams for ignorance of portal or computer usage. Now WAEC is in the process of 100% online examination.

It will therefore do  some good to the parents  to encourage their children's school to have school portal. 

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