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EA's Origin is giving Dead Space away for free

EA’s “On the House” program has given away some great free games over the past few years, but almost felt like it took a hiatus during 2017. It didn’t, but after starting strong with Mass Effect 2 last January the rest of the year featured giveaways of more niche games ( Syberia II ), downright awful games ( Dead in Bermuda ), a few repeats ( Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and  Plants vs. Zombies for the hundredth time) and one lone standout, Steamworld Dig . On the House is starting semi-strong for 2018 though, with 2008’s sci-fi horror classic Dead Space up for grabs. Okay, technically this one’s a repeat too— Dead Space was actually the first On the House game, back in 2014. That’s quite a while ago though, so if you missed it back then (and missed it in 2008) then this is the best way to pad out your library. To read this article in full, please click here

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