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Group lauds Buhari on zero tuition at universities

Pro-Buhari group, Buhari Media Organisation, BMO, yesterday, said the recent directive by President
Muhammadu Buhari that Federal Universities should stop collecting tuitions from their students is a re-
affirmation of his government’s pro-people disposition.
In a press statement signed by the Coordinator, Austin Braimoh and Secretary Cassidy Madueke in
Abuja, the BMO declared that the presidential directive is also an acknowledgement of the Buhari
administration’s determination to truly lift the Nigerian poor from their disadvantaged access to
qualitative and affordable education.
According to BMO “nobody is in doubt of the significant and catalysing role education, especially of the
tertiary sort, plays in uplifting people congregated in family units, to higher economic and mental
grounds. On this note, we heartily commend the Buhari government for saving qualified children of the
poor and vulnerable, who had until now, been denied equitable access to tertiary education directly,
because of the fees charged by the Federal Universities.
“We understand that the policy of zero tuition is not new; indeed, it has been in place over the years.
However, the policy had severally been twisted, manipulated at will and generally abandoned by
affected Federal Universities so much so that they have engaged in a competition of which among them
can charge and get away with the highest tuition.”
The group however cautions that the reassertion by the Federal Government on zero tuition calls for
vigilance and monitoring for the good of the Nigerian people. “We call on students’ body as represented
by the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, and the entire labour movement to rise to this
call to monitor and challenge any appearance of tuition charges by any Federal Universities.”
The group says it believes that this is one more reason Nigerians across divides should rally round
Buhari's administration to continue to deliver consequential policies that are truly beneficial to the mass
of Nigerian people.

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