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JUNE 12: What Led to the serious debate between NRC and Abiola

In the history of time, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, often referred to as M. K. O. Abiola, ran for the presidency in 1993, and is widely regarded as the presumed winner of the inconclusive election since no official final results were announced till date.
During the election reports stated that there was a serious argument between the National Republican Convention and Abiola, over his outfit worn to the Election polls.
Abiola went to the polling unit to vote, wearing an attire that had the symbol of a unicorn or a donkey (pictured).
The NRC accused Abiola of breaking the law by “campaigning” saying he had worn an “agbada” that had SDP’s horse logo to his polling unit, they wanted him disqualified for campaigning on the day of the election ─ in violation of the electoral laws as they considered his dressing as a form of political campaign.
This however led to a serious debate about unicorn and donkey before and the election,  SDP said the logo on Abiola’s dress was that of a donkey, while the logo of the party was a unicorn. The debate went on, gaining significant airtime until the announcements of results was halted and the election itself annulled.

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