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GWVSL late owner’s family mulls EFCC over alleged mismanagement

The late Romeo Itima, the founder and pioneer managing director (GWVSL).Photo Credit: Aproko247
The family of Late Romeo Itima, the founder and pioneer managing director of Global West Vessel Specialist Limited (GWVSL), a maritime security company, are considering the option of petitioning the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), to take up the case against Winfred Itima, who took over the affairs of the company after the demise of the original company owner.
According to them, the EFCC can investigate the alleged cases of fraud against Winfred, the present MD, who was said to have been moving huge amount of money out of the company’s account without the authorisation of Romeo’s direct heirs.
Speaking in Lagos last week during the official media view of a documentary named ‘The Price of a Dream,’ produced by Kevin Itima in honour of Late Captain Romeo Itima, his father, Kevin said that there was already a civil case in the court against Winfred, but the family cannot rule out the possibility of a criminal case or a formal petition to the EFCC, if the lawyer advised them to.

Charles Igbinidu, Managing Director, CFO & Associates Limited, a PR Firm, Kevin Itima, Executive Producer and his brother, Zion Itima at the unveiling of ‘The Price of a Dream”-Photo Credit- Nigerian Newspaper
The family also alleged that Winfred was also involved in administrative and financial misconduct, such that he unlawfully reduced late Romeo Itima’s shares of 2,000,000 to 300,000 and made himself the highest shareholder in the company.
This, according to the family was a deliberate attempt to deprive them of their rights, interests, and entitlements. “Since Romeo’s death, Winfred has left us in the dark over the management of the company and also terminated the employment of Zion Itima, the eldest son of late Romeo from GWVSL.
“As MD, you get paid a salary and bonus. If you want to be a shareholder, you can officially buy shares. Being part of the ownership can be done with the consent of other shareholders and if you do them without their consent, that is illegal and the EFCC should take up the case because we have enough evidence,” Kevin said.
Kevin, who advised the government to go ahead and finish its case against Global West, pointed that the family was not asking for the ownership of the company that killed their father, said that the fight was that the present MD is not the owner of the company and anything he does was without the concept of the shareholders.
My mum, Kevin said, still works in the State for 12 to 15 hours due to the financial status of the family, and “there has not been any formal meeting to discuss what is going on with the company, shareholding and compensation regardless of how much we have asked since my father dead.”
On the death of Romeo, Kevin believed that his father was murdered because he was the most experienced seaman on the boat. “Therefore, it became questionable that at the dead of the night, wave came and killed only one man, who owned the company and was the most experienced.
“From the autopsy, it would have been believable if he fell into the water and struck his head or chest on something, but in his case, there was nothing like that making it difficult to believe.
“The story was so inconclusive. And judging by what happened after his death especially with money missing, it was too convenience for him to have dead by accident. Initially, my elder brother was told there was no need for autopsy or contact the police but as the children, we had to fight for official autopsy to be done, but nobody was arrested,” Kevin said.
On the autopsy, Zion Itima, Romeo’s eldest son, said that he was there when the brain and heart of their father were opened, but no water was found in the lungs of the man who was said to have drowned for two days.
“Global West was a legitimate company that was able to generate revenue during the time of Late Romeo Itima. Then, when ships enter the nation’s waterways, they pay levies to NIMASA, but before the coming of GWVSL, some of these ships enter without paying”.
“So, Global West was contracted to ensure that people pay duties associated with their ships. Imagine how many ships that comes into the country without paying appropriate duty? This was why Global West was able to make huge money for government why a small percentage of that goes to the company. It was a very lucrative contract for people with the experience, competent and equipment to catch these vessels and make them pay their duties,” Kevin explained.
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