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Deputy Head of Sales at Zola Electric

Zola Electric is the world's first massively scalable off-grid electric company. It exists to provide affordable and reliable energy to communities that currently lack such power. The company utilizes distributed renewable energy to sell power as a service to customers who suffer from an expensive grid, an unreliable grid, or have no electrical grid access at all. We provide 24/7 clean energy to anyone, anywhere. Our aim is to deliver a complete technical, operational and financial model that makes incredibly high quality renewable electrical services affordable to millions of homes.


This role is office based with a significant travel component. The candidate is expected to drive sales through our partnership channels, coach, manage and motivate the team under them and coordinate and implement all day to day decisions necessary for the team to work effectively. The candidate is expected to analyse daily, weekly and monthly results, spot trends and act on them quickly.
This role is responsible for the overall success of a sales team of over 100 people. Deputy Head of Sales is expected to get great sales results and ensure that each team member is living and working in a set sales territory.
This role offers a tremendous opportunity to get impressive results within the confines of a fast-growing start-up organization.

Key Responsibilities

Responsible for sales through direct as well as partner channels and delivering results
Providing solid leadership to your salesforce to deliver impeccable results
Lead by example, provide coaching to your team members consistently and regularly
Evaluate sales process conformity through field evaluations, spot checks and up trainings
Ensuring periodic tracking of sales trends and ensuring that territories covered are based on the plans
Ensuring and promoting adherence to internal processes around reporting, sales and leadership
Liaise with Country Head of Sales to ensure operations in the field proceed smoothly and effectively
Liaise with partners - within OGE and external entities (like Government, Business Partners etc.) as necessary
Report to Human Capital department on any location changes outside your zone
Attend weekly sales meetings and hold personal conferences.


Bachelor's degree (BSc/BA/..) in any discipline
Professional qualifications in Sales, Customer Service and Quality is desirable
4-6 Years of management/leadership experience, 2 year's experience in Direct Sales will be an additional advantage
2 Years of direct supervisory experience
Fluent in both English and Swahili
Strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to communicate effectively with customers and the staff.
Proven track record of working hard physically, mentally and emotionally
Excellent team player, thoughtful, unafraid to express an opinion or tackle poor performance.
Willingness to work flexibly as business demands, including late nights, weekends, and holidays
Ability to travel essentially
Desire to coach and mentor others
Effective time management skills and a high level of organization is essential

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