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Party crises: APC sliding

Crisis and conflicts appear to be the second name of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, even though not too long ago, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was left off the hook after a Supreme Court judgment that brought reprieve to it. The APC appears to be in another mess after a prolonged in-house wrangling. Can it survive the slide ahead of the 2019 polls asks OkechukwuJombo?
Now that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has been officially factionalized Nigerians are watching to see what will happen next.
Some said they knew it will soon happen so they were not surprised.Those who had this belief based it on the premise that every ruling party passes through the same phase. That Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, while in power also went through it too and came out stronger until that of the nPDP finally nailed its coffin in 2015.The party survived it for 16years.
The question is will the APC survive the factionalizationand for how long, considering that it has only been in power for three and half years?
The similarities are very glaring,nPDP and Reformed All Progressives Congress,R-APC.The actors are alike, Senate President BukolaSaraki played a huge role in both scenarios.
A faction of APC in KwaraState led by Rev. BunmiOlusona said it had in the last three months been waiting for Saraki and his co-travellers to defect.
He said he was not shocked by the formation of R-APC by a bloc in the party to which Saraki belongs.
In a statement on Thursday, Olusona said: “The first question one is tempted to ask is: who does not know, since the last three months, that theSaraki-led faction of the APC in Kwara State had concluded arrangements to leave the APC.They are still in the party for fear of the unknown.
“It is a shame that Saraki and his cronies would make their over-hyped impending defection from the APC to a yet to be disclosed party a daily press affair. No credible politician or group of politicians would occupy the press consistently for more than three months on one subject matter without walking the talk.
“What that signifies iseither Saraki and his cronies lack the courage to leave APC or are afraid of their faith in the party they intend to join. If they are confident of their level of credibility and political value, they should have left three months ago.
“Our greatest consolation is that neither the national leadership nor the real APC members in Kwara State have lost any sleep in the last three months since they started threatening to leave the APC.
“We, therefore, heartily welcome the news of their impending departure. To us, it is good riddance to bad rubbish.
“While urging all peace-loving Kwarans to remain calm, we assure them that we shall not hesitate to roll out the drums to celebrate their departure whenever they are able to summon the courage to match their words’’.
That apart some would want to know the reason for the division and to get thatknowledge you need to go to AlhajiBubaGaladima who explained that one cannot build something on nothing.According to him, there were infractions right from the ward congresses leading to the convention. Therefore, the processes were faulty. The executives produced through these processes cannot stand legal interpretation. We are members of the APC,” he insisted.
Galadima argued that none of the three leaders was a signatory to the formation of the party, claiming that APC was nationally accepted because of the integrity of people like him.
He maintained that the party’s constitution was violated during the convention, alleging that members were stopped from buying forms to contest the election into various leadership positions.
“People were stopped from accessing forms, people were stopped from attending venues that will generate delegates to the national convention,” the factional chairman said, noting that those people might have opposed the voice vote which elected Oshiomhole as the National Chairman.
In a swift reaction to the allegation, a member of the APC Board of Trustees, BoT, Jasper Azuatalam, said Galadima has no fact to prove his allegations.
Azuatalam said while it is usual to have disagreements after elections just like the APC convention, “the national convention of the party affirmed every position from all states.”
He, however, distanced the APC from R-APC, saying aggrieved members in the faction have a choice of either joining other registered parties or form a new one.
The BoT member said, “The fact that the national convention produced a delegate from all the states means that it has affirmed all elected people from the ward, to the local government, and to the state and these were delegates that came for the national convention.
“What this means is that there is, at the moment, no faction in any state of the party in Nigeria; there are disagreement and these people who disagreed have gone to court and it is subject to the court to determine in their favour or otherwise,” he added
Even the newly sworn in national chairman knows that the party is in trouble. He has been going round begging perceived aggrieved members. He was at the National Assembly to meet the APC caucus of both chambers and his message was the same, please don’t go, have patience.If anyone says the party is at peace that person is ignorant.

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