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2019: Can Ndume scale through the huddle this time?

It has been observed that Peoples Democratic Party, PDP remains the major opposition party prepared to tackle All Progressive Congress, APC in Borno state. 2019 general elections is around the corner and from all indications, PDP has put together all what it takes to rustle power with the APC. From what is on ground presently, PDP will definitely give the ruling party a good fight this forthcoming elections.
In Borno state, there are three political parties, such as All Progressive Congress, APC, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and Social Democratic Party, SDP which have been fielding candidates for elections in the state. Since the present dispensation, APC which is the product of merger with All Nigerian Peoples Party, ANPP has been winning the Senate position. In 2015, when PDP won, it was because the incumbent, Alli Ndume was denied the ticket by APC and he contested on the platform of PDP.
The political calculation in the zone has been that anytime Deputy Governor or Governorship slot is zone to the other zone, Biu Emirate which is dominant in Southern Borno takes the slot and leaves the Senate slot for the other part of the zone that has four local Governments Areas of Gwoza, Askira Uba, Chibok and Danboa. Biu Emirate has five local governments areas of Biu, Hawul, Kwaya Kusar , Shani and Bayo.
Candidates coming out for the first time to contest as senators and members of the House of Representatives may likely meet some challenges if they are not well rooted politically and even those that are currently in power are not left out because of underperformance. However, all hands are on deck to see the decision of the electorates during the elections in 2019.
It is obvious that those who have been there for some years as senators and members of the House of Representatives that have not performed to the aspiration of the electorates will be shown their way out using ballot papers and those whose antecedence are not palatable will also be resisted to walk in and take the seat of power.
In preparation for the 2019 general elections in the state, politicians have started showing interest, either seriously or calculatedly. The major contender among them is the incumbent Senator Alli Ndume.
According to a reliable source, people from his zone are beginning to demand for another candidate to contest for the position of Senate considering the fact that he has been there for so long.
Senator Alli Ndume represents Borno South in the Senate on the platform of APC. He is a Muslim by faith from Gwoza Local Government Area of the state and one of his strongest points is experience. He has been a law maker since 2003. He was in the House Representatives for two tenures and has been in the Senate since 2011 as a Senator representing his constituency.
He was a member of the House of Representatives for two consecutive terms before he became a Senator. And people are beginning to ask question if he is the only eligible candidate from the constituency.
Ndume was a member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP before he decamped to APC in 2015. Lecturer turn politician is currently the Majority leader at the upper chamber. He was the Chairman, Senate Committee on Millennium Development Goals, MDGs where he impacted greatly on the lives of many people from his zone.
On the other side, Senator Alli Ndume is from Gwoza Local Government Area of the state. Some times in the Senate, he had issues and he was suspended for about six months and for this reason, the people of his constituency began to complain of lack of representation at the senate. Considering this, his people may decide to go for a change of candidate come 2019 general elections.
Another weak point of Senator Ndume is that he has never stood for primary elections as he always got the ticket unopposed. This time around, if there is any insistency for primary, he may decide to change party, which he did in 2015 from APC to PDP, and when he won, he went back to APC.
The second contender for the Senate position is Mrs. Kolo Anas. She is a member of the APC and a former commissioner for health in the state. She hailed from Biu Local Government Area. Her major weak point was that she is not politically seasoned. From the look of things, she is only trying to gather some followers based of the affirmative rule of 35 percent elective position.
Still on the platform of APC, is Mr. Tarpaya Asarya from Askira Uba Local Government Area of the state. He is currently the permanent secretary of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. People see him as the hatchet of the Governor.
It is a known fact that since the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, Local Government Areas in the state have not been functioning. Most of these Local Government Headquarters were destroyed, but their allocations still go the state. So it is believed that the Permanent Secretary is helping the Governor the allocations to other uses.
Moreover, Asarya is not closed to his people of Southern Borno, but he is closed to Kanuri people. He could not include his people in the minimum wage payment. So looking at the antecedence of Asarya, it may be difficult for him to beat his opponents as many from his constituency may not even identify with him.
It has also been gathered that recently, Senator Ndume has been after him through petitions to EFCC over Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs funds. It is likely that he may step down for Ndume in the primary if the Governor is still threatened by Ndume. With this singular allegation, he may not make further move as far as election is concerned.
Still from the zone, APC has yet another aspirant in the person of Sanda Lzge. He is a Muslim by faith from Gwoza Local Government Area. In 2011, he was the candidate of PDP and he stepped down for Ndume at the primary election and Ndume went ahead to win the Senate seat. On the low side is that, his daughter was alleged to have killed her husband. Politically, it will be hard for him to win election in the zone, because of his penchant for negotiation.
The Social Democratic Party, SDP has only one contender in the state for Senate seat from the zone. He is Dr. Pogu Bitrus. He is from Chibok Local Government Area of the state.
Contesting on the platform of PDP is Hon. Kudla Satumari Haske from Askira Uba Local Government Area in the Southern Zone of the state. He is a Business man and a Philanthropist. He is a Christian by faith and has contested for a seat in the State House of Assembly in the past, House of Representatives as well and now he is eying the Southern Borno Senate seat.
Investigation about him has revealed that he has built primary school in Askira Uba Local Government of the state. He instituted empowerment programmes in Gwoza. He renovated Mosque, APC secretariat in the state and Churches in Hawl LGA.
Moreover, he has trained and empowered women across the zone. Has many people on scholarship. He fixed a broken down dam in Askira Uba LGA. He fenced Muslim cemetery and Christian in Askira Uba LGA. He has distributed cars and other commuter vehicles to people across the zone to ease transportation problem among others.
His major challenge is that he belongs to the opposition party in the state and nation.
Voting in the zone has no bias for religion of ethnicity, rather now choose the candidate that will represent their interest at whatever position. Giving by the calculation, Alli Ndume remains the candidate to beat.
And his major challenge is Kudla Satumari. This stems from the fact that he has been able to touch the lives of people in the zone through his numerous people oriented programmes even though he is not in the Government. It is now left for the people of Southern Borno to decide come 2019 general elections.
The battle really lies on the front of the APC and the PDP and more essentially between the progressive ideals and the Yirne culture. As the months roll by the reality would begin to dawn on these myriads of aspirants.

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