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Steam’s useless 'Upcoming Releases' list embraces algorithms to become less useless

There was a time, not that far in the past, where I used to assemble PCWorld’s video game review calendar from Steam’s “Upcoming Releases” list. We’re talking 2013, maybe 2014. Even then, there was a lot of trash—this was post-Greenlight. But it was a manageable amount of trash, and the unfiltered Upcoming Releases list was a great overview of each month’s releases. As Valve ramped up the number of releases though, the Upcoming list became increasingly useless. How useless? According to Valve , “The old Upcoming list was only clicked on by less than half of one percent of customers.” Turns out an unfiltered look at the games coming to Steam each week is a great way to realize how much trash Valve’s hands-off approach is letting through—not to mention the fact that some games continually moved their release dates in order to sit on the list each month. To read this article in full, please click here

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