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There’s no alternative to credible election in Osun state – Hon Oladejo

Honourable Yinka Oladejo (a.k.a Akara Graduate) is a prominent politician in Osun State. Recently, he spoke on some issues that have to do with the forthcoming September 22nd governorship election in the state among other sundry issues with our Correspondent, RICHARD AKINTADE. Excerpt:
Can we meet you sir?
I am Yinka Oladejo, am from Ayedaade local government area of Osun State.
Am a politician, development consultant and a clergy.
September 22nd governorship election is approaching, what is your expectation?
Yes, the election is very much around us. We have to pray to God to wade in and touch the hearth of every politicians in this state. But by and large, God will lead us in order to avert any political clash.
Do you foresee any crisis in the coming election in Osun?
No, no, no, am not saying there is going to be crisis but we have to prepare ourselves by talking to God and by asking God to take over the whole thing before, during and after the governorship election. Prevention is better than cure, they say.
What is your submission on the gale of defection from one political party to the other by members of parliament both at the national and state level?
Yes, it is very unfortunate, what the set of politicians defecting are doing is normal but some of them are doing it in their own interest, they are fighting for what they want to eat as they don’t have the love of masses at hearth. But as a politician, politics is beyond that as we must always think of the people we want to represent.
As the gubernatorial election in Osun is approaching, what is your charge to politicians in the state?
I have been saying it and I will continue to be saying it; we have to do it like a sports man. Election will come and go, there is no need of fighting ourselves because of positions. During a football match, a club will win while other will lose. The same thing applies to politics as somebody will win and someone will lose but that will not stop the relationship between each other. Practicing politics should not be do or die affair, people should see it as a game between two jolly good friends.
In Osun State today which of the political parties do you think can govern the state successfully?
Thank you, I want to answer you my brother by saying that, all the political parties contesting in the coming governorship election in the state are good, I repeat, they are all good to pilot the affairs of the state. But, there is nothing we can do, only one party which we don’t know would win that election of September 22nd.
But, as a leader, what did you expect from any party that God has ordained to win the Osun governorship election?
Am expecting many things from whichever party that wins the election. Then, if I say am expecting many things, it is not personal please but for the entire people of the state.
The people happen to be the one that will vote for them, so, they must take adequate care of them by extending the hands of fellowship to them all and what is the hands of fellowship my friend? It is dividends of democracy.
I think you now get my analysis, whoever wins the election must ensure that sharing of dividends of democracy gets to every door steps of the electorates.
That is one area; another area is the issue of Civil Servants we are having in the state as there is no factory or company in the state. I want to enjoin the incoming administration after the incumbent government of Governor Rauf Aregbesola not to take the issue that has to do with the Civil Servants with levity.
I want to say that, up till today since the inception of the state in 1991, Civil Servants are the one contributing to the socio -economic of the state which means that, no Civil Servants, No Osun State. To be frank and sincere, presently, Osun State is empty, where is the popular old Osogbo Steel Rolling Mail and the Osogbo Machine Tools? All of these companies have gone. So, the incoming government must ensure they take care of the Civil Servants in the state as if they refused to do so, it will affect traders, landlords, landladies, even their homes, among others. Similarly, agriculture is another area that needed attention followed by health and education. I think, for any government to succeed, they have to follow some of what I have just mentioned.
The problem in Osun State today is government that will be paying workers salary as at when due; with the payment of the salary, many people will benefit out of it. Many governments did not know that adequate payment of salaries to workers is contributing to betterment of all and sundry in the state.
Having said that, what do you have for the INEC in the state?
INEC, come September 22nd governorship election in the state, they must do the work according to the Constitution by following the rules and regulations. And what is the rule? Free, fair and credible election; as well as crisis-free election. The Osun INEC must be open, there must be demonstration of openness and accountability.
All eyes are now on Osun INEC, even people are watching us from all over the world waiting for the performance of the Federal agency, so, they have to play the game according to the rules by following the due process.
Any word of advice for politicians?
My advice is to enjoin all the contestants in the state and their teeming supporters not to foment trouble during the election period as we should see ourselves as friends, brothers, sisters and relatives. Children of most of these leaders we are following are overseas doing good, so, why should we be fighting ourselves? Am urging every one of us to see ourselves as one and let us join hands together and work for the same goal.

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