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4  reasons you need a blog as a freelancer

Blogging has a lot of marketing benefits for Freelance Writers. Whether you are just starting to look for your first client, or you’ve been full-time in the business, you certainly need a blog if you’re going to sign more clients.
When it comes to blogging, don’t just post unnecessary stuff. Your blog posts should be able to market your services as a Writer.  
So when you write the right content, it will attract to you the kind of people you want to work with. If you write about how doctors can better promote their Practices, you get well-paying jobs from doctors, etc.
If you are an Expert Freelance Writer in your chosen niche, blog about your expertise, and watch as your traffic grows with visitors who require what you are good at. Your blog becomes popular, and you can run advertisements on behalf of clients to make some more money.
When blogs are done right, they are reliable sources of information, education, and entertainment. They are also an important means of achieving marketing, business and personal goals. You are able to help your clients make important decisions, including decisions that could save lives.
When readers are inspired by what they read on your blog, you earn some social shares from time to time, and this improves the value and ranking of the blogger’s site.
Your blog Posts can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the globe. And it is a good thing because, that means good advertisement for you 24/7.
When you guest post for other blogs using your link, you’ll pull more traffic to your blog.  Additionally, when readers see that you are regarded as good enough to guest post for certain blogs, you attract good-paying clients from them.
So yes, blogging can help you reach your target audience in a way that traditional advertising can’t, and this is achieved at a very minimal cost.
Freelance Writing can be lucrative and help you become self-employed. The nature of work, your experience and amount of work you are required to do, determines your earnings. It is very possible to make good money that can comfortably sustain you.
So how exactly will blogging help you achieve the above? See them below:

  Improved Writing Skills:

According to an adage, “practice makes perfect.”  So when you write articles daily on your blog, you improve your writing skills, and soon you become an Expert. A potential client does not need to ask you for samples of your work since they are on display in your blog.
If they still do ask for samples of your work, you can always give them what you have on the blog. Your blog goes a long way to showcase your writing skills and ability, and it increases your chances of getting hired by well-paying clients.
With a blog, a customer can contact you directly. No third party needed.

 Advertising Your Services:

Your Posts, as earlier mentioned, will showcase your writing skills to a potential client. Those who love your work and need help having theirs done will easily reach you from the information displayed in your blog.
As a blogger, one of the best ways to monetize your blog is by offering your  Writing Services. State it on the blog. Without clearly stating it, you may miss out on clients who actually want you to handle their job, but think you may not be in the business of writing for others.

 Your Blog Comes Up in Search Engine:

Blogs are search engine friendly. And so well written articles posted years ago can be referred to.
Blogging helps your skill and services get more visibility in search engines.  It helps to put keywords that are relevant into your site.
If you do not have a blog, Google wouldn’t have you in the search.

  Building Relationships With Potential Clients:

With readers flocking in daily to read your write-ups, some would drop comments, and you’ll respond to these comments, thereby establishing and sustaining engagement. This engagement builds sometimes, into valuable friendship.
Your clients wouldn’t be the  only ones referring their friends to you, these other readers who love your writing will do the same because they believe you can deliver.
Furthermore, this may also create opportunities for people to hire you as a business partner, consultant, guest speaker, etc.
So, have you gotten a blog? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Karo Oforofuo is the owner, self-published author, story blogger and head of the ghostwriting team at –

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