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Liberation Movement presidential candidate pledges economic freedom, fair tax systems

The 2019 presidential candidate of Liberation Movement, Kriz David has assured Nigerians of his desire to enthrone Rule of law, Economic Freedom, Fair Tax Systems and Learning economy as part of his mandate if elected.
David stated that he is offering Nigerians Smart Government that will shape the “Nigerian Dream” that will ensure that Nigerians ride progressively in path of prosperity.
He highlighted that insecurity, corruption, economic stagnation and other ills Nigeria faces as a nation, are merely symptomic manifestations of the unaddressed faulty foundation.
According to him, “Nigerian’s root problem is inequality. Inequality is the fragile foundation upon Nigeria is built; Inequality in the entire design framework of nation – reward system, administration justice, access opportunities”,
He further stated that if the wrong value of inequality is not addressed, Nigeria will continue to marooned in a cycle of failure and backwardness.
David opines that Nigeria as a nation has not only struggled to realise her potentials but is in search of her identity and place as a nation among nations of the world.
To him, “Leadership has not only failed in Nigeria, but that Nigeria has failed as a nation owing to her low moral value quotient bedeviled with ethnic and tribal sentiments, religious bigotry and the quest for wealth at the expense of morality”
He promised that when elected into office as the Nation’s president, he plans to engrave into the consciousness of the Nigerian systems and Nigerians in general the core virtues of Equality, Meritocracy, Integrity, Incorruptible, Diligence, Excellence and Abidance which are solid foundation for the prosperity of a nation.

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