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Funsho Adeolu speaks on why Yoruba speaking actors do not have six packs, says they are not models

Nollywood actor Funsho Adeolu opened up on a lot of issues in a recent interview. Not only did he talk about his marital life and how he has kept his relationship intact, he also weighed in on the wide gaped physical differences between actors in Yoruba speaking films and those in the English movie settings. Funsho, in addressing the latter topic, admitted that English speaking actors looked better in physical appearances than the Yoruba speaking ones. With the six packs, sharp shoulder muscles, smooth skins and demeanor of popular English actors, it is very easy to spot how dissimilar they are from their counterpart actors who are not in the least bothered about putting on extra flesh. But then, despite his admittance, Funsho Adeolu, who is a prolific Yoruba actor himself, has gone on to justify the difference. According to him, English actors were the way they were because they were not as busy as the Yoruba dramatists. READ ALSO : Most handsome Yoruba actors - Top 10 Furthermore, the actor noted that these men often spent those long hours at the gym trying to keep in shape because they were not actors in the real sense of the word, they were role models. The fact that people looked up to them as models has made having six packs and being manly a necessity. Read his words below: “They have a lot of time to do exercises. They are models and not really actors; I am not joking. A busy actor would only think of his health and do the normal exercise to keep fit. What am I using a six-pack for? I want to dress and be seen as a role model. In the Yoruba-speaking movie setting, when you get to a particular age, you would not be given the role of a small boy so I do not need a six-pack. By the time you keep a six-pack, it gets to a point where it turns to a nonsense pack because they would not use it again. The only thing is to live a healthy life. PAY ATTENTION : Get the hottest relationship gist on Africa Love Aid When you see that you are getting obese, work on it. I used to be a model but I did not have a six-pack. I learnt taekwondo as well. I am not saying having a six-pack is bad or that it is bad to look nice. If I have to take a picture, I can easily tuck in my tummy. I started from the English-speaking genre and then came to the Yoruba-speaking part of the industry. I am more comfortable with the Yoruba-speaking sector of the industry because I learn a lot here. In the English-speaking sector, I do not learn anything." READ ALSO : upgrades to a letter from our Editor-in-Chief Bayo Olupohunda Funsho Adeolu, who revealed these vital details in an interview with Punch, also opened up on his marriage and how he has managed to keep his home going. According to him, making his wife feel extra special in the household was the key to his long, sustaining relationship with her. His exact words were these: “I decided when I was a child that I would not have a broken home because I grew up in one. I said that my children would grow up to see both their parents together till we die. I thank God that we have never had any crisis that has shaken the foundation of our marriage. PAY ATTENTION : Read best news on Nigeria's #1 news app Women like to be seen like they own the house and I allow it because I know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I do not lord it over my wife; she is my friend. If anything causes a rift between us, we do not sleep until we talk about it. Once we settle the rift, we settle it ‘properly’ as husband and wife and in the morning, everything is okay. She would smile before she leaves the house.” ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better. Uche Jombo interview at Star Chat: Nollywood Should Be Taxed Less | Legit TV Source:

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