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Full Stack PHP Software Engineer at Charisol Tech

Charisol Limited Is a world-class software engineering firm with a strong digital marketing arm. We offer services in software development, Talen Resource, E-commerce and Consulting that adds significant value to our clients and society.Description About Trouvise

'Trouv' is from the French word 'Trouvez' which means find while' ise' is from the Yoruba word work.
Trouvise is Charisol's online community of product design and software engineering tech talent. We are 100% remote team in Nigeria and the US on a mission to help African developers find fulfilment in working with global brands and diverse teams. We started Trouvise with the belief that Africa has top talent deserving of global recognition and better pay. We are here to make that happen!
After discovering the global gap between demand and supply of tech talent, we began Trouvise by connecting developers in our network to companies their skills. Six months later, with more interest in our applicants than we can count, we have decided to extend our reach to talents outside our network. We believe Africa - the home of upcoming tech talent, YOU should not be left out of the action.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Designing and developing different web applications or plugins for e-commerce, with special emphasis on the compatibility with third systems.
Code reviews and testing.
Taking care of outsourcing projects, testing and acceptance of delivered results.
Developing and maintaining automated tests on unit, integration and system level.
Assisting support teams and processing of 3rd level support tickets.
Maintaining existing applications.


More than 2 years of professional development experience using PHP 5, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.
Participation in larger scale web projects (in your job, during your studies, private projects, etc.).
Knowledge of e-commerce platforms such as Shopware, Magento, Oxid, Gambio, etc.
Hands-on experience in different PHP frameworks (Zend, Symfonie, Yii, etc.).
Experience in Jenkins, Selenium, PHP Unit, Travis CI or Docker.
Experiences in working in teams
Great communication skills
Willingness to learn and improve your skill
Willing to relocate to Europe


Independent, self-motivated
You can work without supervision
You have good work ethics and can work with a diverse team
Fluent in English, written and spoken.

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