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Quality Management Officer at Synlab

SYNLAB offers a full range of medical laboratory services for practising doctors, clinics and the pharmaceutical industry. The SYNLAB Group is the uncontested leader on the European market for human medicine laboratory services. OBJECTIVE: To ensure that the laboratory's Total Quality Management system consistently aligns with the strategic goals of the Organization & ISO 15189 Standards.JOB DESCRIPTION:

Meet monthly budget assigned to the respective location through actively promoting the ideas of the Organization and Quality standards.
Identify areas of wastage, and working in conjunction with Site heads to drive down operational costs
Improve customer's satisfaction through ISO Accreditation and Renewal as well as effectively monitoring the Quality Control activities of the laboratory.
ISO Accreditation Ensure compliance to ISO 15189 standards through SANAS Accreditation protocol as well as implement and improve the Laboratory's Accreditation status and assigned PSCs. Client satisfaction To liaise with laboratory staff to provide optimum care and effective service to clients. Co-ordinate TQM for respective location SOP Management
Ensure laboratory's SOPs are reviewed, updated and members of staff acknowledge reading of SOPs.
Ensure adherence to SOPs and Company Policies Audits
Conduct routine and periodic internal audits to ensure processes are performed in accordance with ISO 15189 standards.
Ensure compliance to corrective and preventative actions post audits which guarantees continual system improvement.

Quality Control

Monitor performance of Quality Control on a daily basis to ensure patient's results are both precise and accurate.
Co-ordinate the implementation of the various Inter-laboratory comparism programs (EQA, IQC & IQA) which guarantees that procedures are consistent with the ISO 15189 standards.
Ensuring that all out-of-range QCs and Exception reports are reviewed, and corrective actions taken. TQM
Co-ordinate TQM by ensuring compliance with SOP and Systems in conjunction with the laboratory/site Manager and Pathologist.
Monitor and ensure that environmental conditions does not invalidate processes.
Compliance with Safety protocols in respective sites.
To ensure expired and hitherto unfit stock are discarded promptly.
Monitor compliance to maintenance schedule of laboratory equipment's / Instruments
Develop Management Reports - Monitor performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports.


1-3 years relevant experience
Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science
Strong leadership and Medical laboratory skills
Strong knowledge of and compliance to ISO and Quality Management system
Strong passion and commitment to service delivery
ICT literate and strong dexterity for problem solving
Good communication and project management skills

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