4 things you never knew about Aki and Pawpaw

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4 things you never knew about Aki and Pawpaw

Are you a fan of Aki and Pawpaw? Chances are that you never knew these 4 things about the phenomenal personalities.

The Nigerian movie industry has many stars with outstanding talents and skills that keep movie watchers coming back for more. Most of these actors tend to be more popular by the notable characters they play in movies and the names of these characters.

Two of such actors who have become famous with their on-screen characters and names are Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, popularly known as Aki and Pawpaw respectively.

This famous duo wrote their name in the sand of time in the Nigerian movie industry with their comical talents. Also, utilizing their body sizes and height, they became almost inseparable in movies because many of their fans thought that they are related outside the industry.

1. Aki and Pawpaw Have 12 Years Age Gap Between Them

Giving their stature, one would assume that Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme (Aki and Pawpaw) are age mates.

However, the reverse is the case as Chinedu, who happens to be the older one, is 43 years old and was born in Bende, Abia State, Nigeria, on the 12th of December, 1977, to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ikedieze Ogbonna.

He graduated from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), where he studied Mass Communication.

On the other hand, Osita Iheme is 32 years old and was born on the 20th of February, 1989, to the family of Augustine Iheme and Herbert Iheme in Abia State, Nigeria.

He graduated from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, where he also studied Mass Communication.

Aki is known to have gone into the movie industry before Pawpaw. In an interview with the Punch.ng , Pawpaw revealed that he had always admired Chinedu from the screen before he met him in person.

Of course, like every other actor, Aki and Pawpaw rehearsed before shooting, but they also improvise. Working with Chinedu, according to Pawpaw, has been one of the best things that happened to him.

Their movie roles in 2002, which gave them the names Aki and Pawpaw, opened the door for them to work more as a duo in other movies.

2. Not related by blood and are not twins

A lot of people have wondered whether Aki and Pawpaw twins or are related by blood. But the truth is that they aren’t in any related by blood and they aren’t twins

In an interview, Osita  explained that his connection with Chinedu is a perfect and divine one from God. He also referred to Chinedu as his brother. Showing how close they were, they had lived together in the same place until Chinedu got married in 2011.

Chinedu, in a similar interview, said that Osita is not just his friend but a brother to him. These may be the reasons people thought they were related.

Apart from co-starring in movies, they collectively established an entertainment house named Aki And Pawpaw Entertainment Nigeria (APEN), which is set to produce and sponsor different movies.

They also own a children’s foundation with the name Aki N Pawpaw Child Care Foundation.

3. No rift between Aki and Pawpaw

There was a rumor that there was a rift between Aki and Pawpaw. However, both award-winning actors debunked it in different interviews.

Osita emphatically stated a journalist started the rumor. Chinedu, in like manner, commented that they had been working on different projects, which had kept them apart from each other.

4. Who is the more Accomplished and Famous Actor Between Aki and Pawpaw?

Determining who is more popular or well accomplished between Aki and Pawpaw is somewhat difficult as they have both contributed their quota to the development of the industry and have strived in different ways to keep the ball rolling.

They also have the same net worth of about $3.5 million, going by estimates.

They are both popular in their rights and have been helping aspiring actors come to the limelight and maintaining oneness in the industry. Taking an individual look at what they have been able to do or planning to do might put you in a better perspective to judge who is more famous.

Chinedu is not just a comic actor; he is an entrepreneur and a serial investor. His interest expands beyond acting to businesses.

He runs businesses in the fashion, tourism, graphics, and branding industries. With his mansion and rides, one can assert that he has accomplished a lot by living the life of his dream.

Osita, the proud owner of some mansions and exotic rides, is also not limiting himself to acting alone. He has a transport company that moves from South East to Lagos.

Also, he is the owner of the popular five-star hotel, Resident Suite, located at Owerri in Imo State. The movie producer is also the founder of Inspired Movement Africa and the author of Inspired 101, a motivational book.

In one of his interviews , he made known his interest in going into politics. He confessed that his going into politics is all about making a statement.

When asked why it seems as if the ambition is almost not being heard anymore, he emphatically noted that some things need to get going before getting the media involved.

Hence, the silence doesn’t signify the end of the political ambition. To verify his stand about people’s thoughts on entertainers not making good political leaders, he opined that leadership is not industry-based; instead, it is individual-based

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