Africa Agility in Partnership with Impact Lagos and Eko Innovation Centre is excited to announce ‘Girls In Tech Bootcamp’

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Africa Agility in Partnership with Impact Lagos and Eko Innovation Centre is excited to announce ‘Girls In Tech Bootcamp’

Technology is said to be best when it brings people together which is why Africa Agility is committed to bringing together girls with little or no knowledge of tech for a life transformation program – Girls In Tech Bootcamp.

Beyond life transformation, Girls In Tech Bootcamp is an intensive hands-on training that runs for 3 weeks where young girls from different backgrounds and disciplines are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary which alternatively helps in closing the gender gap and reducing unemployment rate in Africa. They envision a society where all young people have access to the education, opportunities, skills, and resources needed to achieve their ultimate socioeconomic potential.

With this in mind, Girls In Tech becomes a crucial step in the right direction towards achieving this vision. Not only are they focused and committed to this vision, but they are also aiming to equip 5,000,000 female youths by 2030.

The Girls in Tech is of two parts. The virtual self-paced program and the in-person Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was put together by Africa Agility, a nonprofit organization powering real impact in Africa in collaboration with Impact Lagos and Eko Innovation Centre over the past two years. At Africa Agility, they envisioned building a smarter generation of leaders who will take Africa towards the superhighway of progress to a continent that can innovate faster than any other continent in the world. Having said so, they invest in the growth of the girl child greatly through their flagship Bootcamp, Girls In Tech. Interestingly, Africa Agility is on a mission to bring positive change to young people through education programs in digital agile methods and technology, youth development to raise nextgen leaders that will transform our nations. This is rightly carried out through their robust and transformational programs which are designed to help in increasing the earning power of the girls and African females in general.

The Bootcamp, Girls In Tech is specifically designed to empower young girls with top and relevant industry demanded skills in core tech domains like Web Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, UX/UI etc. Beyond these core tech skills, the girls are also trained to be job-ready upon graduation as they get to learn other soft skills that are required in the job space. To top it all, they also get to become Certified Scrum Masters from Scrum Alliance – the first and leading Agile organization in the world within this short period; now that defines intensive. All of these approaches sum up together helps in further exposing the girls to global opportunities and careers in the tech space beyond the corners of Africa. The Girls In Tech Bootcamp not only exposes the girls to these skills but goes way beyond skills training to helping kickstart, build and grow a successful career in the tech ecosystem.

It’s important to note that being a part of this Bootcamp automatically qualifies the girls to become a part of a global tech community by Africa Agility where they get job placement and internship opportunities after successful completion of the training.
They also have fast and direct access to their tutors who are drawn from different specialities in tech with strong knowledge and influence and career records. They get first-hand mentorship from the founder, Aanu Gopald and other top industry icons within the Africa Agility network. Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.

You can visit their website to learn more about them and the Bootcamp and other tech programs and how you can be a part of it as a young girl; undergraduate or fresh graduate passionate about tech. Rounding up with a word from their founder, Aanu Gopald, she states that, at Africa Agility, their highest priority is to elevate African females to rise above challenges and find equal footing in the tech career as their male counterpart, this they do through the Girls in Tech Initiative. As game changers, they are on a mission to ensure that African girls as well as African female youths are visible, heard, valued and recognized in tech. This we believe is the future of Africa we all want to see and live in.
Don’t forget to follow them @africaagility for more.

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Source: Africa Agility in Partnership with Impact Lagos and Eko Innovation Centre is excited to announce ‘Girls In Tech Bootcamp’

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