Android 13 will allow you to run Windows 11 on your phone

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Recently, Google released the first preview of Android 13, and currently, only developers may test out all of the new operating system’s features.

At first appearance, the latest version of the green robot does not appear to be a significant development, with only minor modifications. Nonetheless, the developers discovered something intriguing.

Developer of Android websites and applications kdrag0n demonstrated on Twitter a Google Pixel 6 running Windows 11. According to the creator, Windows 11 is “usable,” but hardware acceleration for graphics chips is not supported.

As evidence that the alternative system is functional, he sent a screenshot displaying the usage of system resources, including the CPU load. You may attach a keyboard to your smartphone if necessary in order to play the renowned shooter Doom.

The developer was able to run multiple Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux, alongside Windows 11 on the Pixel 6.

However, this feature will eventually be included in the stable release of Android 13; we will learn more in September.

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