Apostle John Okoriko biography, Church, wife, age, net worth

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Apostle John Okoriko biography, Church, wife, age, net worth

In this post, you’ll find Apostle John Okoriko biography, age, ministry, church, wife, net worth and many more other information about him.

Who is Apostle John Okoriko?

Apostle John Okoriko Is a Nigerian preacher televangelist and author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Solid Rock Kingdom Church worldwide and also anchor of faith healer radio. 

John Okoriko is popularly known in his ways of preaching , lecturing or teaching of the Oneness of God using the Ibibio language to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ on radio and television

For over forty years, Apostle John Okoriko has been trying to pass a simple message to humanity, in order to deliver it from its most dreadful enemy- IGNORANCE.

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He has weathered every storm just to introduce humanity to the most fundamental element of existence – KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge of who God is and what man is.

Ministry, Church

Accessing various platforms such as church services, conferences, seminars, radio and television he pursues the same aim and keep his message simple: “Changing the way you think about God and Ourselves”.

To further this course and extend his reach to the people, he is now on social media on the programme “THE ISSUES OF LIFE” to answer all questions from his followers.

Solid Rock Kingdom Church has established nearly 150 branches within Nigeria and in other countries for the re-orientation and renewal of the human mind for body and soul salvation

Apostle John Okoriko Age

Apostle John Okoriko was born on 18 October 1948. He is 64 years old in 2022. He was born in Ibekwe Akpa’h Mkpat Benin, Nigeria


Apostle John Okoriko Wife name is Eka John Okoriko. She has birthed 4 children for the man of God and they are still happily married till today.

Net worth

At this time we cannot quantify the man of God’s net worth. We will update this area when we’re sure of his income strength.

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