Are You Tired of Old Nollywood Parties? 8 Party Themes To Try Next

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Are You Tired of Old Nollywood Parties? 8 Party Themes To Try Next

I love that we are all embracing our inner Ini Edo and Emeka Ike, but maybe Old Nollywood-themed parties should rest this period.  But what else can we do in this country? Here are party themes you and the gang can get into next year.

1. Owambe

Eswees really brought the bounce. You can see what happens when two Yoruba women join forces to organise a party abi? Vibes, good music, asoebi, and amala. Na that kind party I wan dey go next year. 

2. Your childhood dreams 

Make your parents proud for at least one day. Even if you didn’t get to be that doctor, at least you get to pretend for a day.

3. Nigerian meals 

What would gbegiri really look like as a person? Me I want to know in 2022.

4. Old Nigerian Music Groups

Forget BTS guys, give me some Plantation boys, Maintain, Trybesmen or P-square. Imagine a whole karaoke night dressed as our faves from way back. 

5. Witchcraft 

Your village people might enjoy this a little too much, so maybe stay vigilant with this one. 

6. Nigerian Politicians

You can be a bad boy for us. 

7. African deities and masquerades

You can flex your inner god and turn up as Sango. Or go village square style and show up as Egungun or Ojionu. Either way, you’ll be representing our ancestors.

8. Childhood Cartoons

Don’t you miss the simpler days of morning shows on NTA channel 2. Remember tortoise from tales by moonlight, mighty mouse, or inspector gadget? Let’s just want to recreate those childhood memories and forget this scam called adulthood. 

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