The founder of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Asari Dokubo, has been suspended by the Eastern Zonal Chapter of the group.

The suspension of Asari Dokubo was as a result of his declaration of his hasty “Biafra de facto Customary Government.”

Some other members of Ijaw Youth Council IYC were also suspended along with Asari Dokubo because they supported him in his Biafra contraption.

The motion to suspend Asari Dokubo was moved by the chairman of IYC, Okrika Clan Festus, at the zonal elective congress of the IYC.

Acrding to him, Dango said Asari Dokubo should be suspended because the failed to consult the leasership of IYC before announcing his Biafra contraption.

He added that Asari Dokubo has been trying to lure other IYC members to join his Biafra adventure for a long time.

According to Okrika Clan Festus, Biafra is a “non-existent sovereign state within Ijaw territories.”

Festus concluded by saying Ijaw Youth Council, IYC may still serve more greater punishment to Asari Dokubo depending on whatever report of the set up six-man disciplinary committee is.

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Comrade Ransom Opuiyo was made the head of the disciplinary committee. The committee will further investigate the allegations against Dokubo and others.

Ijaw Youth Council IYC was founded by Dokubo in 1998 as a human rights movement to fight for the interests of Ijaw people.

Asari Dokubo led the group from 2001 to 2004 before leaving to set up the militant Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force.

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