Basorge Tariah Jr  is a popular Nigerian actor and comedian known for a movie, Do Good.

He was born on June 9, 1967. Tariah Jr. hails from Buguma, Kalabari, in Rivers State, Nigeria.


Tariah’s Educational Background

Tariah Basorge Jr. holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Tariah Jr. Career

Tariah Jr. made his first professional appearance as a stand-up comedian at the University of Port Harcourt in 1989 when he was paid 171 Naira ($24, per 1989 exchange rate) for the job.

Tariah also emerged a dance champion in 1983 after winning the National Dancing Competition.

Tariah is indeed very creative and talented actor and comedian, widely described as an ace actor and Nollywood veteran by reputable Nigerian media house, The Punch.

He is best remembered for the character of a movie, ‘Do Good’ in Zeb Ejiro’s award-winning soap opera Candle Light, featuring alongside Kate Henshaw.

Tariah Jr. has so far starred in several Nollywood movies, some of which are:

  • Run (2017)
  • Head Gone (2014)
  • The Meeting (2012)
  • Blood On Ice (2006)
  • Playing Games (2004)
  • Fools (2003)
  • Unforgeable (2003)
  • Runs! (2002)
  • My Guy (1999)
  • Full Moon (1998)
  • Domitilla (1996)
  • Silent Night (1996)

His Humanitarian Work

Tariaha Basorge Jr. is also a humanitarian. He set up a project called Creek Search Initiative (CSI), a platform he created to address the falling standards and the winning hopes of the young generation.

His Personal Life

Tariah Jr. is happily married to Doris Basoene Tariah, and they are both blessed with four children.

In 2017, the former governor of Rivers State and Nigerian minister of transportation organized a birthday party for Tariah Jr for his 50th birthday.

Tariah Basorge Jr. Net Worth

Tariah Basorge Jr. is one of the richest and most influential Nigerian actors and comedians with an estimated net worth of about $350,000 dollars.

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Source: Basorge Tariah Jr.: Biography And Net Worth

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