There has been a strange Nigeria beach fire outbreak at Ilesa Ilashe, Lagos this week.  The mysterious incident which occurred on Tuesday 25th, 2021 has left many Nigerian s with lots of unanswered questions.

The viral video of ocean fire in Nigeria that appears on social media shows how the Ilashe sea was engulfed in fire and smoke.

Cause of Lagos beach fire

People have asked what is the cause of this burning ocean water in Nigeria? Reacting to the incident, some Nigerians said the reason the Ilashe beach caught fire could be a pipeline explosion.  Some people said the goddess of the Ilesha sea is angry.

But according to a Twitter user @onenaijaboi, the Lagos beach fire outbreak is an underwater movement of the earth’s tectonic plates causing a rapid increase in temperature and resulting burst of underwater molten magma.

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More reactions from Nigerians

@JohnEzeakolam: The unthinkable is happening in Nigeria, signs of a nation in demise. Ilashe, Lagos Nigeria Beach on fire, how on earth can one explain this. Two calamitous incidents in Southern Nigeria in one morning Begin to pray seriously they are here

Video Ilashe beach burning

Here is the video of a Nigerian Ilashe sea burning

Burning Water in Ilesha


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