Still on the 10 years old Chrisland school girl viral video. More truth are coming out. The new revolution is that the girl runs an erotic channel on Likee.

The Chrisland girl has a Likee account where she posts erotic dance videos
She has 24 thousand likes and over 2thousand followers
Her handle is bhadgirl4k( bad girl fvck)

Parents parents parents we have a lot of job ahead of us .

Like I will always ask who bought her phone who gave her access to internet…

I don’t know who told today’s parents that giving their children free access to the internet is a new form of parenting

Even me as an adult mother the internet has had huge influence on me let alone a small girl of 13 years …

Parents wake up today before your destr0y your kids by yourself .
My 13 year old doesn’t have any business with social media.

We are allowing these kids grow up way too fast then we turn around and start crying when things go wrong..

The last has not been heard… We better wake up for these kids before it’s too late

– Afam bu Adaure


WHen you are a rich parent who don’t have time for your kids, you buy them phone to show off your comfort, you don’t monitor what goes on in their life, then you will have such situation at home.

She calls her self bhadgirl4k , at this age she has a strong social media account, she plays more of xrated American songs from trap artists, all her videos are done at home, no sight of mother or father in all her videos.

Mr and Mrs Keo , your negligence did this to her, she didn’t turn a bhadgirl over night, it took series of social media presence and chats with grown men, these things happened under your roof, you never cared.

Parents, take phones and social media away from your children until they come of age, they are watching porn, and doing all sorts of things without your knowledge. Stop trying to show off wealth by buying them expensive phones, you are helping them get there faster than it’s should take.

This stigma will live with her for a long time, remember, THE INTERNET IS UNDEFEATED!!

Social media for underage is a killer!!!!

©Roberto Graysense

So your 10 year old daughter has a page named “bhadgirl4k with over 24000 followers where she has posted over 526 erotic dance steps recorded right in your home for some adults to watch and you are disturbing us? What a shameless mother? More facts will soon emerge! They need to arrest this woman and seize the girl’s phone!

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