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Who is Bidemi Kosoko?

Bidemi Kosoko is a Nigerian renowned Nollywood actress, daughter of  the well known and widely respected Yoruba movie actor, Jide Kosoko. She is one of the best superstars among females when it comes to Movie industry in Nigeria.

She is a talented actress who has always been at her best in delivering her movie role in a professional way.

Bidemi Kosoko real Age

Bidemi Kosoko is 32 years old and will be 33 on October, 2021. She was born in Lagos Nigeria on October 21, 1988 to the family of Jide Kosoko.

bidemi kosoko age

Family life

The young actress was born into a well to do family of Mr and Mrs Jide Kosoko. Her biological mother died in 1993 but her stepmom has been there for her since then.

Bidemi Kosoko is blessed with a family of great talents like, her father; Sola Kosoko, her elder sister; and Henrietta, her stepmother, who are all actor and actresses. According to her, Henrietta has been a nice stepmother to her and she has taken her as her mother.

Marriage with Bankole Oyajije Possible

Bidemi kosoko and her husband

Bidemi Kosoko is married to r Bankole Oyajije Possible and their marriage is blessed. They had their first son, on may 27, 2019. Their introduction was held in December 2018 but their formal wedding was not done until August 2021.

Court Wedding in 2021

Bidemi Kosoko took to her Instagram page in August, 2021 and announced to her fans that she is now officially Mrs Bankole as she shared lovely videos of her and her husband, Oyajije Bankole.

Although they have been living together as a couple after their introduction in 2018 the couple decide to make their marriage official in 2021 by having a court wedding.

Bidemi shared a video of her wedding on her Instagram page with caption it is official, Mrs Bankole

Her Husband

Oyajije possible

People have asked, what is Bidemi Kosoko husband name? His name is Mr Bankole but popularly known as Oyajije possible. Bidemi’s husband is a super talented fashion designer and CEO of Possible designer stitches.

Net worth

As at 2021, Bidemi Kosoko net worth is 620,000USD. She has been a successful actress for many years and has make wealth in the Nollywood industry. Aside from making money from filmmaking, she’s also into fashion, and that has greatly been a source of wealth for her.

Educational Background

Bidemi Kosoko, who studied Theater Arts, is a graduate of the Lagos State University, LASU. She had her primary education at the Army Children School, Ikoyi. Started her secondary education at Jibowu High School, located at Hussey Rd, Jibowu, Lagos; and letter went to finish her secondary education at Mainland High School, Yaba.

Bidemi Kosoko biography

Bidemi kosoko biography

  • Real name: Abidemi Kosoko
  • Nickname: Unknown
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Primarily education: Army Children School, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • secondary school: Jibowu High School, located at Hussey Rd, Jibowu; Army Children School, Ikoyi
  • State of Origin: Lagos state
  • Date of Birth: April 12, 1974
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Place of birth: Lagos
  • Profession: acting and directing
  • Spouse: Mr Oyajije
  • Child: Bankole Oyajije
  • Net worth: $620,000

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