Binance educates 400,000 in Nigeria, others

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Binance educates 400,000 in Nigeria, others

Binance has offered over 400,000 individuals in Nigeria and other African countries free crypto education classes on topics ranging from user protection to blockchain.

In a statement, the company said that through its academy, it was offering ongoing free crypto education classes in Africa, where crypto interest and adoption continued to increase.

It added that it was at the forefront of blockchain education, equipping crypto beginners with resources for lifelong financial and career development.

Binance said, “Since its inception in January 2020, the Binance Masterclass has provided free crypto education to over 400,000 Africans.

“Due to many crypto beginners often being victims of crypto scams from bad actors, the free webinars were primarily targeted at helping users understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, how to identify scams and keep their crypto safe as they get started on their crypto journey.

“As the global pandemic surfaced and many individuals lost jobs, lost income and were forced to stay home, the classes also focused on teaching new skills such as crypto trading and careers in blockchain development.”

The company…

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