President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim  that the middlemen were responsible for the increase in food prices and shortage of food items buying and hoarding of food items has been condemned by Nigerians. 

President Buhari, in his independence Day speech on Friday noted that “as our food production capacity has increased, food prices have been going up due to artificial shortages created by middlemen who have been buying and hoarding these essential commodities for profiteering. 

“To address this, I am hereby directing the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to rehabilitate the National Food Reserve Agency and also work with security agencies, the Nigerian Commodity Exchange, and the National Assembly to find a lasting solution to these disruptive and unpatriotic hoarding activities.”

Some Nigerians on Friday shared their views with Vanguard, noting that the president should rather blame Fulani bandits and insurgents who had driven farmers away from their farms resulting in food shortage and consequent rise in price.

Ambassador Yemi Farounbi in his reaction said, it appeared that the President did not dwell at all on the root causes of the problems.


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