The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari that the fighter jets he is acquiring will be used to destroy the country.

According to Sun, the cleric who spoke on Sunday during a sermon at Adoration ground in Emene advised the president to rather focus on building more industries to absorb unemployed youths.

Recall that President Buhari, last week, confirmed receipt of new fighter jets which he said will be deployed against any form of insecurity in all parts of the country.

Mbaka however warned that, “The jets you are buying are going to be used to collapse Nigeria. Please, the first person to meet President Buhari after this message; should tell him that all these jets he is buying will be used to destroy Nigeria. God told me to tell him that all these jets are going to be used to destroy Nigeria. Let him stop buying more jets and begin to build more industries.

“We don’t want to hear that our children are being killed. Those that are being bombed are Nigerians. Nobody is going to give an award to a mother or a father for killing his or her children. The solution is simple. Put the round peg in the round hole and banditry will die.

“People are not agitating for nothing. Listen to the reason for their agitation; because even in the military, there is agitation. In the police, there is agitation. In the church there is agitation. In the families, people are agitating. Drivers are agitating, businessmen are agitating.

“Use the money and solve the problem otherwise, you are buying jets that aggrieved people will take up and scatter people. If it doesn’t happen soon, it will happen later. Do you know how many billions are used to buy these jets? If they put some of these billions into job creation, the youths will be busy, parents will be happy that their children are going to work and coming back.

“The Spirit of God is not happy with our leaders no matter how they will want to paint it. If all the men of God will be silent, the Spirit of God will not be silent. When the poor masses are crying, we the men of God should be crying with them because they are our children.” 

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Source: Buhari Wasting Resources On Fighter Jets That’ll Be Used To Destroy Nigeria – Father Mbaka Warns

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