Cecilia Hagen is a Swedish journalist and author. She was born on 15 May 1946 in Stockholm, Sweden. Her full name is Ellen Cecilia Margareta Hagen.

Cecilia Hagen has been a journalist since 1973 and has published many books. She received the Lukas Bonniers Stora Journalistpris (Great Lukas Bonnier’s Journalist Prize) in 2006 and received the St. Eriks Medal in 2011.

Since her works have not yet been translated into German, she is not very well known in Germany, however, she appeared 16 times as a celebrity in the Swedish Quiz TV show På Spåret of the TV station SVT from 1995 to 2008.

In 1995, she won the prize of this quiz show in one season, together with the Swedish writer Tomas Tengby.

Hagen has attended the Stockholm School of Economics and graduated from the Stockholm School of Journalism.

She has worked as a journalist and columnist for the newspaper Expressen since 1973. Before that she has been employed by Veckojournalen.

Hagen has competed several times in the SVT program On the track . She won in 1995 together with Tomas Tengby and several times been in the final with Lennart “Hoa-Hoa” Dahlgren and been in the final with Adde Malmberg.

In the 2019/2020 season, she competed together with her son Jonatan Unge and went to the semifinals. She has hosted Sommar in P1 in the years 1988, 1993 and 2003.

Cecelia Hagen has poems in a variety of journals and websites, including Poet & Critic, Northwest Review, Caffeine Destiny, Pedestal, and Natural Bridge.

Her work has won awards from Literary Arts and the journal Passager. She has taught writing at the UO’s Super Summer program and for YWA, as well as at Willamette University. Currently she teaches memoir writing to adults, occasional classes for YWA, including its Teen Outdoor Camp, and the In-School Programs.

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  • Full nane: Ellen Cecilia Margareta Hagen
  • Known for: Acting
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 1946-05-15
  • Age: 75 years old
  • Place of birth: Oscar Parish, Sweden
  • Height
  • Relationships
  • Ingemar Unge (1976-01-01 – 1989-05-11)
  • Children: Jonatan Unge
  • Father: Tord Hagen
  • Mother: Lena Berg
  • Citizenships: Sweden
  • Education: Stockholm School of Economics
  • Also known as: Ellen Cecilia Margareta Hagen


Cecilia Hagen is the daughter of Swedish diplomat Thord Hagen and granddaughter of Swedish politician Ellen Hagen.

In addition, she is the granddaughter of Swedish archivist and historian Tor Bergman and Greta Bergman , née Bonnier, a granddaughter of Swedish publisher Karl Otto Bonnier.

Her grand cousin , Cissi Elwin Frenkel, also descended from the Bonnier family, is also a well-known Swedish journalist. Hagen was married to Swedish Ingemar Unge from 1976 to 1989.

Cecilia Hagen is the mother of Swedish actor and comedian Jonatan Unge.


  • 2008 – Kulla-Gulla continues to struggle
  • 2005 – My travels with Diana
  • 2002 – The Unbelievable Sisters Mitford: A Truth
  • 2000 – Ellen Svensson’s diary
  • 1999 – Tantvarning!
  • 1999 – London, like Stockholm, is a little bigger
  • 1998 – Mixing emotions
  • 1998 – Stockholm from my blue bus: Cecilia Hagen tells from new line 4
  • 1997 – Mixed feelings
  • 1996 – Fredrik and Charlotte: ten years later
  • 1994 – Kulla-Gulla in menopause – or Now all good girls turn 50
  • 1990 – The best kåserier
  • 1989 – Rebecka Aurora Eloise von Bernadotte
  • 1987 – Mother piece by piece
  • 1985 – Fredrik and Charlotte: nice people from the cradle to the grave
  • 1982 – Not just childishness
  • 1981 – A few splashes from a gruel-stained life

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