In Kaduna today, churches closed sooner than normal for fear of terrorist’s attack.

Some church buildings that often hold two-hour services were closed almost an hour to the service as rumours unfold throughout the state that bandits are actually focusing on church buildings and mosques to kidnap worshippers.

Though there was tight security measures put in place throughout churches during the worship hours, many pastors closed hurriedly as rumours of assaults proceed to unfold throughout the state.

Recall that just in the past few weeks, a kidnapped woman, who regained her freedom, instructed her mother and father in Kaduna that she heard kidnappers while they were discussing in their den about possibilities of focusing on church buildings and mosques for attack.

“I heard kidnappers planning to attack churches since colleges throughout the state are actually on holiday,” she stated.

Her revelations had been made public, inflicting panic throughout the state.

Some Churches which have two to a few different services both merged them into one or considerably diminished the time spent in church.

Living Faith Church in Barnawa, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries(MFM), God’s Chosen, St. Paul and St. Joseph baptist churches that begin services by 7.30 am and close 10.00 am have now fixed 8.30 am as closing time.

According to him, because the plan of the enemies of the church was revealed, it’s better to ensure safety of people and not expose them to danger.

While also speaking, Pastor Solomon Ojeriba of God Chosen Church, stated that God won’t ever depart his own people for the satan to take them away. Maybe, that’s the reason God revealed Himself by means of a released kidnapped victim. We have to make decisions earlier than the satan sends its men to assault us,” he stated.

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