Clement Ojukwu, the secretary of the National Organization of the Labor Party, and his family recently survived the collapse of a two-story building under construction that collapsed from an adjacent complex on top of their home in Nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria.

According to reports, the construction of the collapsed building has been the subject of intense legal and community disputes between Chief Benjamin Oak and the family of Clement Ojukwu, who are said to be cousins.

According to Clement Ojukwu’s wife, Gladys Ojukwu, the building collapsed at around 7:45 in the morning.

Comrade Ojuku told reporters who came to scene: “I left home at around 7:15 this morning. But about 40 minutes later, I received an emergency call from a neighbor, Mr. Samuel Ejizu, asking me to go home immediately.

The new multi-story building under construction next to my house collapsed. “Samuel Ejizu sounds hysterical and restless.

Clement Ojukwu lamented, “no one knows if my wife, who was cooking in the kitchen when I left the house, was trapped in the rubble.” Clement later pleaded with Samuel Ejizu, “before running home from where I went, please help mobilized people to help find and determine if my wife is safe”.

About five minutes later, when my wife called me and told me how she narrowly escaped death from the building under collapsed, I was very happy.

“The collapsed structure destroyed one wing of Clement Ojukwu’s house and caused extensive damage to its three large generator sets, including a heavy Perkins generator set.

Other items that were destroyed by the building collapse are

  • Three motorcycles
  • Two gas cookers with ovens, and
  • Arange.
  • Kitchen utensils
  • A deep freezer
  • A refrigerator with varieties of food items in it.

Attempts to reach Okeke were unsuccessful. His mansion was located in the adjacent compound on Benjy Okeke Street, a street named after him.

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