Do you want to learn about code for Airtel night Data plan in 2021? In this post I will show you everything you need to know about smart trybe tariff plan. You will learn How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan, how to check airtel night Data balance, 100 for 1gb, unlimited data plan and so much more.

Airtel night subscription allow users to browse any websites of their choice from 12 midnight to 5am daily. It gives you opportunity to stream YouTube videos and download heavy apps as you want.

To enjoy Airtel night plan you need to migrate to the Smart Trybe tariff plan. This is the only tariff that gives you this golden opportunity.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe Tariff Plan

To migrate, follow the steps below

  1. The code for Airtel night data is *312#
  2. Follow the onscreen prompt
  3. Make sure you accept the tariff migration

Once you have completed the steps above you are already subscribed. It’s time to enjoy unlimited airtel data plan on your phone.

How to subscribe to Airtel Night data Plan

To subscribe to Airtel night Data plan in 2021, follow these steps

  1. Dial the ussd *312# on your phone
  2. Reply to the prompt with 3 on your phone.

You will get 250mb for #25 and you can repeat this purchase maximum of 4 times daily. At the end you would have spent only 100 for 1gb

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Migrate to the Smart Trybe tariff plan. This is necessary in order to enjoy the benefits we discussed in this post

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100 for 1gb. How to spend 100 naira to get 1gb of data

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How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan. Detailed steps on subscription techniques that saves you money

Code for Airtel night data plan. Find it here. This page. Once you have the code you can subscribe any day any time without any hassle.

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Code to Check Airtel Data Balance

Dial *140# to check your balance. Note that this code does not only work for night data, it also works for all airtel data plan. In case there’s any problem using *140# to check your data balance, use *141*712*0#. That was a long ussd code but it it has really helped me a lot.

If none of these work for whatever reason then the last option is to check via sms. To do this just send ‘status’ to 141 as an sms and wait for the response. Your data balance will be displayed to you immediately.

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