Comedian Saco: Biography And Net Worth

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Comedian Saco: Biography And Net Worth

Who says comedy is not a big deal?

The comedy world is thriving big and anyone who is talented and constantly developing himself will definitely succeed in that field.

Meet a talented and hilarious Nigerian comedian Saco, the complete package.


Saco, whose real name is Okundalaiye Ayodele got his stage name from his initials, S-Sunday A-Ayodele C-Chukwukamadu O-Okundalaiye. He is also fondly called by his stage name as Senior Advocate of Comedy.

Saco is a talented Nigerian comedian and master of ceremony, with a passion for lighting up hearts and events. He doubles as gospel standup comedian, who enjoys coordinating events.

Saco was born on the 6th of November. Year of his birth is not known.

He is from Owo local government of Ondo state and is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

From Business organizations, NGOs, faith-based organizations, educational institutions and high net worth individuals from all over Nigeria depend on SACO’s authentic gift of humour and firm passionate commitment to quality service to ensure the success of their events.

Saco’s Educational Background

Saco attended Owo Samson Memorial School for his Nursery to Primary 4 education before he moved to Ikosi primary school, Ketu, Lagos where he eventually finished his Primary Education.

He thereafter proceeded to Ikosi High School Ketu, also in Lagos for his Secondary Education. He finally graduated from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Data processing.

Saco’s Career

Saco made his entry into the comedy business some years back when he was in the secondary school and local church as a member of Choir.

Saco became professionally known on the 1st of October, 2005 when he got to the University and since then, his style of comedy took a new dimension, doing exceedingly well in comedy, very hilarious and making people forget their sorrows momentarily.

The gifted comedian preaches values, morals and ethics which he learnt in his church and he still upholds the tenets in his comedy business.

In 2008, Saco met Holy Mallam, a successful and well known gospel standup comedian, who also grew up in church and since then, Saco has been more encouraged to continue in this path.

Apart from being a full time Master of Ceremony, SACO has other side business, and still plans on venturing into other fields while he remains a Master of ceremony with a sense of humor.

The famous comedian has made several appearances at corporate stakeholder dinners, wedding parties and receptions, conventions and seminars, sensitization programs to customer appreciation events and corporate retreats.

Saco has also featured in numerous television shows/events including NTA’s AM Express, the Teju Babyface show, RCCG Kingsborough London, RCCG Victory Center Plumstead common London, and African Gospel Award London.

In 2015, SACO organised a gospel programme he called Spirit of SACO which was organised to celebrate his ten years on stage.

The event was spiced with acts from Comedy to Music and Dance scenes as well as the dedication of School of Comedy (an institute that will train prospective ethical comedians).

The event had in attendance notable clerics, industry giants, distinguished personalities, comedians, artistes and fans.

SACO is indeed a talent and a perfect solution for important events where the stakes are high, integrity is important and great results non-negotiable.

Saco is reputed for a Jewish proverbs “as soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul”.  This simply means it is essential to laugh to keep the soul sound as the seat of all emotions.

Saco’s Personal Life

SACO has been happily married to his lovely wife and they are blessed with two children.

Saco’s Net Worth

SACO has made a name in the comedy industry, home and abroad with an estimated net worth of about $600,000 dollars.

Saco is very active on his Social media handles with large fan base. You can reach or follow him on:


Facebook: Saco Comedian

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