Comedian Taaooma: Biography And Net Worth

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Comedian Taaooma: Biography And Net Worth

Taaooma has her real name as Maryam Adedoyin Apaokagi. She is a popular

Nigerian comedian, content creator, cinematographer and social media influencer.

Taaooma was born in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria into a Muslim family of Mr Apaokagi and Mrs Aishat Apaokagi on 28th February, 1999. She is of a Yoruba descent which she reflects in her skits acting multiple roles in her comedy skits.

She is the last born and most popular child in a family of five children and she is often referred to as the baby of the house. Taaooma grew up with her mother who was a typical African mother in Namibia, South Africa. She watched her mother closely and learnt a whole lot from her which over the years prepared her for comedy skits.

Taaooma’s Educational Background

Taaooma attended Amazing Kids Private school for her primary education before moving to Concordia College in Namibia where she had her secondary education.

She later returned to Nigeria and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel Service Management at the Kwara State University.

Taaooma’s Career

Taaooma began her online comedy in 2015, after convincing her fiancé to teach her the basics of video editing.

She rose to stardom in 2019 with a skit based on African parents taking their children to school and has since moved on to create unique skits.

In 2019, Taaooma was the face of Media Room Hub’s July Issue. Her comedy skits are centered on exposing African mothers and their unique manner of disciplining African children with a slap.

In a later interview, Taaooma revealed she actually wanted to learn cinematography and needed a video with which to practice. She started using her own video to practice which was not successful and eventually got herself into acting skits by mimicking Nigerian mothers and their relationship with their family, citing her own mother as her source of inspiration.

The highly creative and talented Nigerian comedian admired the difference between African mothers and Western mothers. She therefore felt the need to bring it to limelight where everybody can watch and say this is my mum.

Taaooma loves taking her time to properly plan her work and then focus on delivering her best to her fans.

She is God-fearing, creative and visionary and very hilarious.

Her hobbies including, sleeping, traveling, swimming and watching movies.

She believes that the best way to get something done is to begin.

Awards and Recognition

Taaooma has within her short time in the comedy business won good number of awards and recognition both from her fans and notable organizations, some of which are:

  • 2019 Best Online Comedian of the Year at the Gage Awards.
  • 2020 Nigeria’s 25 Under 30 Social Media Entrepreneur and was number 15 on the list.

She also won The Future Awards Africa Content Creation (YouTubers, Vloggers).

The fast up-coming comedian is one of the top Nigerian Female comedians on YouTube and Instagram.

Taaooma’s Personal Life

Taaooma is currently in a relationship with Greene Abdulazeez, a popular Nigerian Video director. He is part of the reason she’s thriving in comedy industry as he encouraged her to start making skits because of her great sense of humour and perfect mimicking prowess.

They got engaged in Namibia in October 2020.

Taaooma’s Net Worth

Taaooma is currently one of the richest and most influential Nigerian young female comedians with an estimated net worth of about $350,000 dollars.

Taaooma is very famous on social media with over a million followers on Instagram and YouTube.

You can reach or follow her on:

Instagram @ Taaooma

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