There is a rumor going round the social media especially on Twitter that crowwe app by Adamu Garba has been removed (deleted) from Google play store. This is not true.

Some Nigerians are already celebrating the supposed removal of crowee from playstore without realizing that Crowwee is still available for download and installing.

Nigerians on Twitter are celebrating the downfall of this app because they believe its owner, Adamu Garba, is the one who sponsored Twitter ban in Nigeria to promote his own app. They decided to retaliate by getting his Crowwe down.

But Crow we is still on play store as at the time of writing this post. Just that you may not find it through search on Google play. Here in this post we provide a way to find it.

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How to find and download (install) Crowwe app

Crowwe app still on play store

If you want to download Crowwe app, follow the steps below

  1. Go to Google
  2. Search for Crow we
  3. Find and click on ‘Crowwe – apps on Google play’
  4. You will be taken to Crowee page on Google play store
  5. Click to download and install
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Crowwe on your phone


Deleted Removed Crowwee
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