In this post, we share about Cute Abiola rank in navy. He’s also known as Lawyer Kunle, so we may use any of those terms interchangeable.

Comedian Cute Abiola is a naval officer. He was recently arrested and detained by the Nigeria Navy for violating the rules.

Initially people thought Lawyer Kunle was missing, or has been kidnapped, until the Nigeria Navy made official statement that cute Abiola is one of them and is being detained by them for violating social media rules.

Ever since then, people have been asking, what is

  • Cute Abiola rank in Navy?
  • Lawyer Kunle rank in Navy

So today we want to answer this question.

Cute Abiola, also known as Lawyer Kunle ‘s rank in Navy is OS (Ordinary Seaman).

In the Nigeria Navy, an Ordinary Seaman is the lowest rank of a ship’s deck crew. It is an entry-level position like that of recruit in the Nigerian police force.

The Nigerian Navy accused lawyer Kunle of breaching some ‘social media order.

Before the arrest of Cute Abiola, he posted some photos of himself holding gun (which the Nigeria Navy authorities think is a real gun) in a skit on his Facebook page. Using real ammunition on set is very unsafe and against the Nigeria Navy rule.

We believe cute Abiola (Lawyer Kunle) has learnt a lesson and will come back strong.

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