David Lawani: Biography, Family, Siblings And Net Worth

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David Lawani: Biography, Family, Siblings And Net Worth

David Lawani is a popular Nigerian graphic designer, an artist, illustrator, a comic nerd, content creator and web designer.

David Lawani was born on the 10th of May in Kaduna state to the family of Felix Lawani. Year of his birth is however not known. David is the first son of his family amidst many sisters. He has 4 sisters and a younger brother.

David’s Educational Background

David Lawani had his elementary education at Essence International School, Kaduna Bethany Christian Academy, Barkin Ladi, Nigeria, Bokkos in 2011.

He later attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts between 2014- 2017.

After his graduation, he went for the compulsory youth service in one of the States in Nigeria.

David Lawani’s Career

David Lawani began his career as a graphic designer, an artist, illustrator, a comic nerd, a Content creator and a web designer some years back and has made tremendous progress in the profession.

He also specializes in making animations for children story books and cartoons.

The highly creative and versatile young man is endowed with artistic designs which are topnotch, appreciated and admired in the arts world.

As the saying goes, an apple cannot fall far from its own tree. David’s father, Mr Felix Lawani also had a flare for art work and was also a song writer and singer. So it is therefore not surprising that David Lawani is coming from a family that has interest in artistic designs.

David is very creative, skillful and talented designer with strong determination to make it big in the field of success. He has many admirers and he serves as a source of inspiration to the younger generation.

David Lawani’s Personal Life

David is not yet married, but believed to be in a relationship, owing to his level of fame and wealth in the industry which has not received public attention.

He is currently living in Lagos State and is working as Graphic Designer with Oya Abeo, Victoria Island, Lagos.

David Lawani’s Net Worth

David Lawani is a web designer and a content creator with his net worth placed at about $100,000 dollars.

David Lawani is very active on social media with large followers of over 1000.

You can follow him on Instagram @ Soullawd.I.am

Facebook: David Lawani

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Source: David Lawani: Biography, Family, Siblings And Net Worth

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