Dr Chinelo biography and age

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Dr Chinelo biography and age

Want to know Dr Chinelo biography and age? Here’s everything about her age and birthday and death.

Dr. Chinelo, one of the 970 passengers onboard the train coming from Kaduna-Abuja that was bombed by bandits on Monday night has passed away. AbaCityBlog reported that terrorists detonated bombs on the railtrack of Abuja-Kaduna train and successfully immobilised it.

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According to sources familiar with train Service, the train was attacked around Kateri-Rijana general areas. As the terrorists held the train hostage, one of the passengers, Uniport-trained dental surgeon, Chinelo Nwado Megafu sent out a tweet calling on friends to pray for her that she has been shot.

While many didn’t believe her, few of her friends prayed for her and ask her to hang on. And that was the last tweet recorded in her account.

Until a fellow medical doctor, Dr. Sina, confirmed that a friend of his was notified that Chinelo has passed away, following the bullet wounds. “Just woke up to a sad news “My friend just woke up to losing a close friend who was shot at the Abuja Kaduna train incident by terrorists

Chinelo age is between 25 and 28. Were not certain of her age, or birthday or even her year of birth.

May her soul reas in peace.

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