Eddie Watson Biography, Net Worth & Movies

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Eddie Watson Biography, Net Worth & Movies

Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. is a well-known actor who was born in Liberia but now resides in Ghana. In particular, he is famous for the megawatt cheekiness of his grin. In addition to his good looks, Watson has a number of other admirable qualities, including talent, perseverance, and humanitarianism. His reputation for doing humanitarian work has preceded him, and he is well-known in most of the nations in West Africa.

The life story of Eddie Watson

Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. made his debut into the world on May 22nd, 1980 in the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia. Liberia was his home for the first few years of his life. As of the time that this article is being written, very little is known about his early life, including his family and his schooling.


In 2010, Watson appeared in the film Labour of Love, which marked the beginning of his career as an actor. In the same year, he also had an appearance as a supporting character in the critically acclaimed African war film Somewhere in Africa, which was released the same year. Watson was offered a part in the current season of the hit television series 4Play Reloaded by the film director Frank Rajah. After then, he was cast in consecutive parts in other productions. It wasn’t until 2011 that the Hollywood celebrity made his debut in the Nigerian film industry with a part in the movie Desperate Heart. Prior to that, he had appeared in films such as A Reason to Kill and Single Six. Watson had established himself as a household figure by the time 2013 came to a close in the African entertainment business.

Liberia, which is located in West Africa and is Watson’s native country, was one of the nations in that region that was struck the worst by the Ebola virus in 2014. Ebola is a short documentary film that Watson wrote, produced, and directed. He also directed it. The documentary was produced with the intention of educating individuals living in regions where the illness is prevalent.

Eddie Watson footed the bill for the whole production of the movie, which was then distributed to a number of different media outlets throughout the impacted nations and areas of publication and was also made accessible on the internet at no further cost to the actor.

In the same year that the movie was released, he also started a campaign called “We Need Help-Ebola” and used the hashtag #WeNeedHelpEbola to promote it. The documentary film on Ebola included a number of well-known actors and musicians from Ghana’s film and music industries.

Later in his career, the actor, who was born in Liberia, produced two critically acclaimed films: Jack & Jill and She Prayed. Eddie Watson hosted the premiere of She Prayed in Sierra Leone on Saturday, December 5, 2015. With the assistance of members of the cast as well as other African cinema stars like as Majid Michel, Beverly Osu, and Melvin Oduah, Eddie Watson was successful in hosting the event.

It has been stated that the screening of She Prayed was one of the most successful events out of all the premieres and all international shows that took place in Sierra Leone in 2015. The film maintained a remarkable 98% of its initial rating after it was released.

Eddie Watson Movies

Eddie Watson has been in quite a few movies, and he has also produced quite a few of them. Some of the movies that Eddie Watson has produced are mentioned below:

  • Labour of Love
  • Somewhere in Africa
  • 4Play Reloaded
  • A Reason to Kill
  • Single Six
  • Single and Married
  • House of Gold
  • Purple Rose
  • Bachelors
  • Single
  • Sisters at War
  • Jack and Jill (also the producer)
  • Single and Complicated
  • Don’t Play that Game
  • Family Album
  • Ebola the Documentary (also the producer)
  • Over the Edge
  • Letter to my Mother
  • Like of Lies 
  • She Prayed (also the Producer)
  • My Home season 1&2
  • Happy Family season 4
  • Hard Knock
  • The Guest

Awards And Nominations

Watson has received a few accolades in the movie industry, some of which are;

  • In 2014, his film, Ebola the Documentary won Best Short Film Movie at the Ghana Movie Awards (GMA), he was also nominated for Best Actor in Lead Role for the movie Bachelors.
  • In 2017, he was nominated at the Best of Nollywood Awards in the category of Best Kiss in a Movie for his role in the movie Bias.
  • Nollywood & African Films Critics Awards (NAFCA) nominated Watson for the outstanding execution of hiPERSONAL LIFE

    After two years of courtship, Watson wed actress Naomi Baaba Watson in October 2013, marking the culmination of their relationship. The couple became parents to a girl, whom they named Emiror (Emi) Cassia Watson, in February of 2015.

    On the 27th of May, 2021, Watson sent a message on his Instagram feed announcing that his mother had passed away. Follow @Eddiewatsonjr on Twitter to get further insight into Eddie Watson’s personal life.


    It is believed that Watson has earned between $1 and $5 million through his acting career, which accounts for the whole of his net worth.

    s role in the movie Somewhere in Africa 

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