The former minister of aviation Femi Fani Kayode has slamed Toyin Lawani over her recent nun outfit, saying it’s ghetto rubbish.

The popular fashion entrepreneur who shared pictures of the nun attire that she wear to the movie premiere of “The Prophetess” has been slammed by many Christians.

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Nigerians, especially the Christians, have described the outfit as completely outrageous and an insult to Christianity while some Twitter users also claimed that such dress promotes immortality adding that she wouldn’t dare try that nonsense with the Muslim faith or Hijab.

She defends herself

Toyin Lawani while defending herself after being dragged for wearing the indecent nun outfit said, “Honestly Nigerians have refused to be liberated when it comes to fashion and depicting themes.

Toyin Lawani response to critics wearing sexy Muslim attire

“When will you get it into your empty skulls that costumes can carry crucifix and doesn’t mean its a sign of disrespect, people dress like sexy nuns all day, for all sorts of events and Halloween. Yet, y’all on my page crying and wailing like I killed someone in your family just because I’m Nigerian.

“But if It’s Kim or your RiRi or Beyoncé now , you will be hearing aww, so hot. Most of you are so way back, your lack of exposure is really disturbing you lots, you don’t even know what Art is when you see it, I learnt fashion internationally, break fashion boundaries and I’m a Risk taker.

Femi Fani Kayode slams Toyin Lawani

Today, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode showed up on his Twitter handle and Facebook page to slam Toyin Lawani for her nun outfit describing it as “anti-Christ, disgusting and totally unacceptable.”

Fani-Kayode also rubbished Toyin Lawani’s explanation that her outfit was simply art work and nothing more.

According to the ex-minister Femi Fani-Kayode, Toyin Lawani outfit is ghetto rubbish.

Disrespectful, tasteless, tactless, shameless, bestial, blasphemous, heretical, evil, disgusting, provocative, outrageous, anti-Christ and totally and completely unacceptable.

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