A social media user has condemn Tim Godfrey and Tope Alabi for placing high charges on people to attend their upcoming fearless musical concert.

The Fearless show 2021 themed devotion, fixed for July 11, 2021 and the venue is Eko Hotel and Suites will only be accessible to people who can afford as minimum of 10,000 naira while high class tables go for 1 million naira.

According to him, the gospel of Jesus is given freely and true Christians are also to give it for free or at least be considerate.

Personally, I have nothing against people monetising their talents, either its be for fearless musical concert or any other program. It is fine, okay, and not to be condemned in any way.

However, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is free, and no one should hide under the gospel’s shadow to satisfy lucre cravings.

If anyone wishes to attach entrance fees to any event, such people should not call themselves Gospel Ministers, but rather be ready to be properly addressed as Entertainers.

If it is the gospel, freely have we received, freely should we give, says the Lord of the Harvest himself.

I know it takes some costs to organised programs like fearless musical concert, but there are precedences in the scriptures on how funds should be raised to cover such costs.

Freewill givings is the way to sponsor gospel events (2 Cor 9:27).

The style of having tables at Fearless musical concert as seen in the flyer totally negates the scriptural contents of James 2:1-3…

One of the core mandate of the Messiah is to preach the gospel to the poor. There is no way the poor can afford to pay #10,000 to access a supposed “gospel concert” in the current Nigeria situation.

The unbridled desire to amass wealth and the undiscipled attitude of doing Ministry after worldly patterns is not worthy of being emulated.

A word is not enough for the foolish.

#Caveat: Using this flyer from Aunty Tope’s wall doesn’t limit this to her only. I used it because it is the most recent of this type of “gospel program model” we see around us.

Hopefully, it shall be well…☹️☹️☹️

There are mixed reactions to this post by readers. Here are some of them

“They are competing with the world ni. They get massive sponsors from corporate world yet they still decide to do otherwise. This is now the latest trend in the gospel world.”

Another comment:

“There is nothing wrong with gating an event, whether it is the gospel that is being preached, or something else is being done there. You have the right to disagree and disapprove of this comment, and I’ll understand, but your right only stops as a human right. Your right doesn’t include affirming and deciding who is a real minister simply by whether they’re doing free programs or not.”

Yet another one:

“Like I commented under someone’s post. Maybe we should first remove the ‘Gospel’ out of it. Because that’s actually where the confusion is. When that’s done, everything will be clear.

We are the ones creating problems for ourselves. We are the ones bringing shame on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If it’s a show, it should be monetised. In fact, it can be 80 million naira gatefee. But if it’s for gospel and it’s monetised, then let’s return to our root and guide, the scripture. Clarity is there.

A monetised gospel isn’t the one Jesus gave us. Except there’s a gospel of entertainment, ambience and everything o. And there’s no excuse for anyone. No facts or human opinion, what’s the definition of the gospel according to the scripture?

We keep hiding under we’re paying for this, we are paying for that. Are churches not paying too to host meetings? Are worship crews not paying to host concerts? Are revivalists and Evangelists hosting crusades and meetings in different countries of the world doing this for free? Can anyone estimate the millions or billions spent to host Reinhard Bonnke ‘s meeting in Ibadan years ago.

If these people start requesting money for entrance, how many people will be able to afford this gospel? The Gospel for the rich or privileged isn’t the one Jesus brought. If we want to raise money for meetings God is sending us to do to minister to people, we are children of God and we know the way to go about it.

Aseju ni gospel show, gospel events ati bebelo. Show is show, event is event, gospel is gospel. If we can clarify this, there won’t be any problem.

I stand to be corrected, there’s nothing gospel about Tim Godfrey’s concert. It’s a show, it has always been, and it’s okay for him to make money out of it. So I support it 100%.

That you sing Christian songs or invite gospel ministers to your program doesn’t make it a gospel program. Let’s return to the Bible and get our definitions right about the gospel.

By God’s grace, I’ve hosted worship concerts and planned many before with A-List ministers invited. Millions were spent and no gatefee and no offering. And we owed no one because we had our leading and we planned for it.

So when I see meetings like Fearless musical concert by the Tim Godfrey, I can say boldly that there’s no excuse. Our guys want to make money and that’s it. But any “Gospel” program you host in this regard that only those who are rich can attend needs another definition. It’s not a gospel meeting.”


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