Five things we enjoyed about the MTN mPulse Spelling Bee Grand Finale

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Five things we enjoyed about the MTN mPulse Spelling Bee Grand Finale

bees are undeniably some of the most entertaining and exciting academic
competitions.  We all enjoy seeing young intelligent students breeze
their way through difficult words. The MTN mPulse Spelling Bee finale
certainly did not disappoint. The finale was one for the record books,
with the contestants keeping us glued to our screens all through the
event. Here are five things at the event that truly captivated us:

Animated Expressions –.
There were a lot of fist pumps, wide smiles, and big grins from the
contestants when they got their spellings right. They surely kept us
delighted with these energetic celebrations.

Audience Trivia –
The audience was not excluded from the fun at the event, with MTN
hosting a trivia session for a chance to win  Jumia shopping vouchers.
This will certainly come in handy for the festive period.

Playful Banter –
There was some playful back and forth between the Chief Pronouncer,
Titus Bankole, and the host, Idahosa Onodenore, at the event. The Chief
Pronouncer tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to get the host to
spell some words to the audience’s delight. They surely ensured there
was not a single dull moment all through the competition.

Great Sportsmanship – The
friendship and sportsmanship among the contestants was heartwarming.
The participants flooded the comment section with positive words to
encourage, cheer and motivate one another, even after they had been
eliminated. It was beautiful to witness such togetherness among
brilliant young Nigerians.

The Rise of a New Champion –
Following a keenly contested battle, Akinyele Ademoyegun a 12-year-old
SS1 student of Kaydel Comprehensive College, Lagos, was crowned the
champion of the 2021 edition after spelling the word “Kernite”
correctly. His wide smile after the announcement was a quite beautiful

mPulse spelling bee is one of the initiatives MTN designed to showcase,
encourage and reward brilliant students between the ages of 9 and 15
across the country. as well as show support for the teachers and schools
that mold these children into brilliant students. 



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Source: Five things we enjoyed about the MTN mPulse Spelling Bee Grand Finale

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