Social media space has been flooded with pictures bearing Folarin Falana for president 2023 election with his running mate as Aisha Yesufu.

Supporters of Nigerian singer, Folarin Falana better known as Falz and Aisha Yusefu, have flooded the streets of the Federal Capital Territory with their posters of elections campaign.

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Several posters bearing bright images of the Nigerian rapper were seen posted in strategic locations within Abuja on Friday.

Folarin Falana Falz is a Nigerian rapper and actor, son of a Senior Advocate Of Nigeria, Femi Falana SAN, who played a key role in the Jenifa’s Diary of Funke Akindele.

Aisha Yesufu is a brave woman who, to many Nigerian Youth, has become a symbol of freedom due to her involvement in the endsars protest.

Streets mobilisation group

These two personalities have had their names registered in the heart of many Nigerians who now believe they are the best combination that can liberate the country from poverty, insecurities and other vices that has befall the country.

Folarin Falana and Aisha Yesufu are yet to declare any intention to run for Presidency in the 2023 elections, the youth have pledged their support for them.

Falz fans have therefore mobilized and went into the street to make known their readiness to support Folarin Falana for president in the 2023 general election.

The group of young Nigerians who were responsible for these massive posters and awareness did so under the name Streets Mobilization Group.

Not much thing has been known about this group at the moment other than their support for Folarin Falana for president campaign.

The Folarin Falana for President posters has generated a lot of mixed reactions, some of which are listed below:

Henry Nkamuo: It shows we still do things with sentiments and emotions. There is no indication that these people on the poster has what it takes lead a nation of this size. They are hero’s to an extent. Leading a nation involves lots of other abilities.

Yetty Johnson: I support Folarin Falana for President with my full chest! Let’s give them a chance and see. Rather than all this 70,s old man that most of them are suffering from dementia.

Edibless Idiong: Those old men and women in power won’t let this dream come to pass…. They’re ready to shut down the nation just to make sure young people don’t take over power in this country

Louise Baio: This seems like a divided nation. People are saying we Southerners and other are saying we Northerns. Only if you say we Nigerians πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ then you guys are on the same page.

Judith Udubra: Even when they don’t ve any leadership spirit in them,,, I still choose them because they’re young and what we need is young vibrant people

Kabir Umar: Northern Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ determine the faith of every election in this country, and we have decided not to vote for every crook with Bad β›” record and habit. So we strongly condemn this Useless Mobilization. God bless Federal republic of Nigeria, the stronger and the giants of Africa, the fire that catches without flame.

Folarin Falana for president 2021

Folarin Falana for president 2021

Dennis Victor: It would have been very sweet oh , but this is a south west South South Ticket , how do we expect the North to vote ??? See eh Nigeria as it is presently structured is a mistake , and if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do ???

Onyeisi C. Justice: What is their capacity, are they business minded…?? How charisma are they..??….how political are they, who wan give them power,when do they come into politics and where is their power coming from…??

Daukoru Gray: During the president independence speech yesterday, he said that, he was going to give the youths more opportunity to participate in politics as they are the leaders of tomorrow. So the time is now!!!!!!

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Falz for president 2021

Falz for president 2021

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