Goge Africa: Its Origin, Founders And Net Worth

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Goge Africa: Its Origin, Founders And Net Worth

Goge Africa (GA) is a pan-African tourism and cultural programme which was founded in the year 1999 by a Nigerian visionary couple, Isaac and Nneka Moses.

The name, Goge Africa, was derived from a musical instrument common among musicians from Northern part of Nigeria called Goge. It was an embodiment of Africa; comprising of African music, African fashion and the African ways of life generally.

The program is rated one of the most popularly watched tv shows with over 40 million people across the world. It also centres on the uniqueness of African theatre, food, fashion, music and tourism, which have in no small way projected the rich cultural heritage, its wide acceptance among Africans and non Africans at home and abroad to get interested in the colourful and rich African ways of life.


The show was founded by a couple, Isaac Moses and Nneka Moses and since its inception, has fared well, educating and entertaining numerous followers across the world, featuring every African culture and tradition in a light and joyous manner.

The recording of Goge Africa began in Nigeria. It later spead to other African countries like Benin Republic, South Africa and Egypt with the plan to cover the entire African countries. The show was established to showcase the richness of African culture, dance, food, clothes and tourism.

Goge Africa also has a primary aim of mentoring Nigerian youths to accept the rich cultural heritage and project it to the outside world.

On 1 October 1999, Goge Africa premiered on Nigerian TV; African Independent Television (AIT), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 10, and Degue Broadcasting Network (DBN). It was later aired on MNET AFRICA MAGIC.

In the year 2016, the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award (NBMA) inducted the two presenters of the program into Nigerian Broadcasters Hall of Fame.


Goge Africa was founded by Isaac Moses, based in Lagos but hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.  He had his primary and secondary education in LEA Primary School, Zaria, and Boys High School Nibo both in the Northern part of Nigeria.

He later attended Ahmadu Bello Univrsity, Zaria where he graduated in Insurance before he relocated back to Lagos and worked briefly with an Insurance company.

Nneka Isaac Moses, on the other hand, is the wife and graduate of English from the University of Lagos.

She was born and raised in Lagos. She was into fashion designing where she used to make fabrics, design African wears and sell them locally and internationally. She revealed she is still in the business of costuming TV commercials but not as full time job now.

It was at the time of costuming for movie and also playing a small part in the movie as Isaac’s girlfriend in Lagos that they met. Over time, they became friends in real life. And one thing led to the other and it became an intimate relationship and he proposed and they both got married in 1997.

The Journey So Far

It was in the course of working for an Insurance company that Isaac Moses had the inspiration to go into broadcasting. He decided to go into freelance broadcasting and eventually started doing radio programmes.

In an interview, Isaac Moses revealed that his producers wouldn’t let him play the kind of music that would dignify Africa as he preferred the western music, funky stuff from America and all that.

In 1993, he managed artists like Segun Arinze and the late Tina Anwodi. Owing to his producer’s preferences, he couldn’t play these artists that he managed and decided to do something that he would be in control of.

On the advice and encouragement of his wife to redirect the shows on TV, Moses and his wife kick-started the show which is today known as Goge Africa.

On 1st October, 1999, Goge Africa went on air on AIT, DBN, NTA channel 10 and MITV which has remained consistent and relevant in the entertainment industry.

Commenting on the show, AIT stated, “…every tribe, Africa has never looked more beautiful than it does on this wonderful show”.

Also commenting, Isaac and Nneka Moses, the co-founders described Goge Africa as a life time project.

The duo is married with children after an initial setback in their marriage.

Their Net Worth

Isaac and Nneka Moses have made huge fortune in promoting Goge Africa, aside their wide tour across the globe with an estimated net worth of over $1 million dollars.

Thanks for your time, reading about Goge Africa by Isaac and Nneka Moses. Your comments are also welcome.

Source: Goge Africa: Its Origin, Founders And Net Worth

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