During the Harass Buhari protest out of London today, Reno Omokri asked one of the police officers that were sent to arrest him this probing question: Has queen Elizabeth ever come to Nigeria to access health care?

He asked this question because the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has come to London for his health care.

See Reno Omokri’s tweet:

“When @MBuhari’s men called the Police on me this afternoon, I asked the officer officer ‘has Queen Elizabeth II ever come to Nigeria to access healthcare? So, why should you be called when I’m asking my President to return to Nigeria to use our hospitals? #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon”.


There has been a lot of reaction and responses to this tweet on Twitter handle. Some of them are listed below:

Question: Has queen Elizabeth ever come to Nigeria to access health care?


Buhari must have realized that you are really his tormentor. And the most painful part of it is that he’s seeing you very close to him; yet his hand can’t reach you.

In Igbo we call it “Ono-nso eru-aka” 😂😂 You have amputated him 🤣🤣🤣


I sincerely think this approach is counterproductive. Not sure what you hope to achieve, causing a scene in a foreign country where you receive similar privileges. You do a marvellous job sensitising Nigerians towards 2023.


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It is not counterproductive…If our leaders are embarrassed like this every time they seek medical attention abroad they will be forced to develop Health care at home.

I don’t question that the motive is pure for all intent and purposes, the method, however, is somewhat crude.

Mercy Ada Jesus a Nigerian comedian is dead; see biography

Oga Reno, I’m begging you, don’t come to naija until APC will leave power, if you do, make God save ni o.


They will come for me but none of them will come out to protest for your release when it finally happens.


Remember what happened to Mr Macaroni?


The Met Police attended because it is their responsibility to answer but they were not to stop you from making your voice heard.

In Nigeria, the DSS would have been beating you from morning till night.

Difference between Zoo and Human Kingdom.


Hope Buhari has been harassed and he is on his way home? The money you looted from Goodluck Jonathan is still there, keep spending!

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