How Baba Suwe impacted lives through his comedy

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How Baba Suwe impacted lives through his comedy

Adesola Omidina, the son of the late actor, Baba Suwe, has credited his father with his career path saying the late comedian and actor inadvertently influenced his decision to be a filmmaker and director.

Baba Suwe passed away on Monday, November 22 following a prolonged battle with diabetes and his demise has come as a shock to many of his friends and fans.

The later Baba Suwe was known for appearing in numerous movies most of them as a stock character who brought humour to the screen.

In an exclusive interview with Netng, Adesola said he began acting alongside his father as a child. Although he earned a degree in Business Administration, his love for media planted in him by his father influenced his decision to go for a Master’s Degree in Media Production.

He started off by acting before moving to film production.

“I studied abroad in America. I have so much interest in show business naturally. It might be a gene passed on to me by my father so I decided to go for it.

“I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Master’s degree in Media Production. I am a filmmaker and a Director to the glory of God. I acted in a few movies with my dad as a kid. Baba Jaiye Jaiye was one and I have since produced my own movies, such as Koseso, Alasela, Turningpoint, and more, and I have directed many movies as well. I am the CEO of 22nd Global Studios.

“Again, I will forever be grateful to my God and my mother for giving me the opportunity to achieve and I maintain that she gave me 100% support. I thank God for where and what I am today, and the height that God is taking me to.”

Adesola spoke about how his father, Baba Suwe was not just a comedian at work but someone who brought laughter into the home when he was alive.

He said: “Unquestionably, humanity has one effective weapon to counter sadness which is laughter. This was the job of my father who brought joy to the Nigerian citizens, gave joy to the world and he used his talent to bless the soul of the human race since the time and period of his popular series “Erin Keke.” I was not born then but my mother always talks about that and many others, till the last series of “Suwes Family” which I produced.

“If we do not laugh, we cry! My dad always says. Laughter brings positive mental and physical benefits to the human race and truly this is what my father came for and he served, entertained and filled the Nigerian atmosphere with great laughter. He was truly hard-working and so passionate about his profession. This is how my father has positively impacted lives!  No matter what, he will continue and forever impact lives through his comedies.”

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