How to Borrow Airtime (Money) from Airtel Line in 2022

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If you are on this page, you are likely interested in learning how to borrow airtime from Airtel. If so, you have arrived to the correct page for information. These links explain how to transfer Airtel airtime and how to borrow Airtel data.

This page explains all you need to know about borrowing airtime from Airtel, often known as call credit.

These include eligibility requirements, processes, and any other pertinent information. Additionally, you can review our articles on how to borrow airtime from Glo and how to exchange data on Glo.

Airtel Extra Credit

We have all, at one point or another, ran out of airtime with no way to recharge. Perhaps the network is poor, preventing you from recharging from your bank.

On the other side, it is also possible that you are stranded without access to airtime. Regardless of the cause, you really need to know how to top off your mobile phone right now.

Airtel Nigeria has provided a remedy for this issue, so you need not worry. Airtel now allows users to borrow airtime credit. This service is referred to as Extra credit.

Using the Airtel extra credit code, you can borrow airtime or data and reimburse it upon your next recharge. This includes a 15% service fee, excluding the N25 loan.

Additionally, you can borrow data to browse the Internet. Is this not good? It is essential to remember, however, that you must meet the prerequisites to qualify for this loan offer. Learn how to borrow MTN airtime.

Requirements for borrowing airtime from airtel

SIM card registered with Airtel

Your SIM card must have been activated for a minimum of three months

Minimum monthly recharge fees of N250 are required. Consequently, they will evaluate your monthly recharge frequency

To qualify for this offer, you must not have an outstanding airtel talk time loan.

Airtel requires that you have the code in order to borrow airtime.

How to borrow money from Airtel

*500* followed by the quantity of airtime you wish to borrow, then ‘#’.

In order to borrow N100 worth of Airtel credit, for instance, you must dial *500*100#. You may also dial *500# and follow the voice prompt.

You should then receive an immediate notification that your request is being handled. Providing that you meet the conditions. However, if you do not, you will receive a notification advising you to recharge more in order to qualify.

Following the processing message, you will receive N85. This is due to the elimination of the 15% service fee.

How to borrow Airtel data

In addition to airtime, Airtel allows its customers to borrow data for internet browsing.

If you are out of data and cannot subscribe to another plan for whatever reason, you can borrow data and pay it back later by following these instructions.

Dial *500#

Then, a prompt will appear. Respond with 3 to obtain info.

If you accomplish this correctly, you will be presented with a list of data bundles for which you qualify. This can go anything from 10 MB and 1 TB.

Choose the package of your choosing. And they will activate your preferred data plan immediately.

How can I repay Airtel for the airtime or Data I’ve borrowed?

The process of repayment is uncomplicated. You only need to recharge your line with the borrowed quantity of credit or data. Once this is accomplished, Airtel will promptly deduct the money you borrowed.

If you are cashless and require Airtime or Data, you can effortlessly utilise Airtel’s Extra credit services. This loan does not require an internet connection to be accessed.

Simply dial the secret USSD code, and your line will be credited immediately. Determine how to link your NIN to Airtel.

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