Union Bank USSD Transfer Code: Send money, buy Airtime & block ATM Card

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With Union Bank Online and mobile banking, users may conduct financial transactions through Union Bank USSD Transfer Code from their mobile phones, life is simplified. The procedure is efficient and secure.

Using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), customers can conduct transactions from the comfort of their homes, which is a more convenient and cost-effective manner of banking.

Using the USSD code, Union bank depositors can conduct transactions such as transferring funds, paying bills, checking account balance, and generating bank statements.

For seamless transactions, it is sufficient to dial the USSD code of one’s bank and generate a unique four-digit PIN.
How to transfer money, buy airtime, and block an account using the Wema Bank USSD Transfer Code

As one of Nigeria’s most prestigious banks, Union offers its customers a 24-hour mobile banking service based on USSD. Customers are just required to dial the Union Bank USSD code, *826#, and generate a unique PIN.

How can I enrol with the Union Bank USSD code?

Registration on *826# is totally free!
It is simple and requires neither internet access nor airtime to complete. Simply enter *826# to register.

The registration is only completed after the initial dialling of the numbers.

Customers who wish to use the Union Bank USSD must link their mobile number to their bank account.

Using the USSD code, only numbers identified by Union Bank through registration can conduct banking activities.

The Union Bank USSD transfer requires users to generate a PIN number to ensure that their transactions are conducted safely from the comfort of their own homes, free from external dangers. The PIN would authenticate each transaction.

1.Dial *826*5#
2.Follow on-screen instructions Input the number of your ATM card or bank account 3.Create a four-digit PIN for transaction authentication.
4.Finish the activation procedure.

Why is the Union Bank ussd code crucial?
This allows clients to conduct the majority of banking transactions on their mobile devices. Possibilities are infinite.
1.Transfer funds to other UBN and bank accounts.
2.Purchase the anniversary or birthday gift you nearly forgot.
3.Generate a pay-code and PIN for cash withdrawals made without a card.
4.Remain connected by purchasing Airtime on all major networks for yourself and others.

5 check Account Number, Balances, and BVN on the move to keep track of your expanding empire.

6.pay bills.

How to Transfer Funds with Union Bank USSD Code

To transfer funds from one Union Bank account to another, call *826*1*amount*account number# and then follow the on-screen instructions. 3.Verify your identity with your four-digit PIN

Example: {*826*1*5000*1234567891#}
How to register, transfer funds, and buy airtime using the Unity Bank USSD code.
Transfer Money From Union Bank To Other Institutions.

To transfer funds to other Nigerian banks, enter *826*2*amount*account number# followed by a PIN.

Alternatively, phone *826# and select transfer to other banks. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.
Card management (block and unblock card)

Customers can now block their card if they believe their account has been compromised, particularly at odd hours.

Instead of rushing to the bank, union bank customers can dial *826*21# from their link number.

How to Buy Airtime (self)

To purchase airtime from a Union Bank account using the USSD code *826*Amount#, enter *826*400# as an example.

How to Purchase Airtime for Friends and Family (third party)

To recharge your love once account, dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile number. For example, dial *826*400*0901234586#.
Additionally, please see: Fidelity Bank USSD: How to Register/Create, Transfer Money, and Purchase Airtime

How to make payments with Union Bank Simply dial *826*28*amount*userID# to pay your electric, cable, or satellite television bill from the comfort of your home.

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